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Comment Re: ...and that makes it better? (Score -1, Troll) 227

Their failure is an open joke now. He should have been fed to the sharks in little pieces five minutes after he bought that ticket to Hong Kong and they reviewed his work access. How are they "watching terrorists" but not their own employees with admin access.

It's time for every manager above Snowden to "fall on their swords". And if they committ suicide right now we won't have to arrest theirs families too. Even if they did catch him, they should be offed for ALLOWING him to gather that much data, ever.

I'm all for whistleblower status, but Snowden should have been DEAD, HORRIBLY within 24 hours of that flight to Hong Kong. They should have "accidented" the whole plane just to get him... They had NO IDEA who he was talking too! Their standards are laughable if THESE PEOPLE are all we got holding the line against terrorists.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 578

Regulation of capitalism has to be like sports rules. sports change rules all the time to make competition between players on the field or teams more fair. Because a game where the same teams always won would be no fun to watch. It's a shame we don't view competition in the free market the same way. Ie "yea, Microsoft invited Apple to the Super Dish again this year". Are they so nice!

Comment Re: Well if HP didn't already have a terrible rep. (Score 1) 385

IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, Cisco... All do it too. Generally, you keep things like this open and free when you want to GROW sales NOW versus cash-in. This move generally means you're confident enough your customers can't jump ship or get their patches elsewhere.

I think as a customer you have to realize a company needs money to "keep the lights on". If you haven't given them money for more than three years, how are YOU keeping their doors open?

Comment Re:here's a suggestion (Score 1) 177

he doesn't know anything about modern computing. He can't even demo his own products successfully, which shows he just doesn't give a damn. He was good at "business" of beating up other companies and Canoodling government and enterprise bosses.

He's also spend decades selling down to only a few percent of Microsoft ownership. He's still the "biggest" owner but not by much. He needs to "go away" and let the company do it's thing. His time is past. He should have got his nose out a decade ago and allowed Ballmer to fail hard. he's just a doddering old grandpa that won't let the sons run the family business correctly.

Comment Re: Stansilaw Lem wrote about this kind of thing . (Score 1) 241

This is "Ghost in the Shell"stuff.

Can the Abstractions have their OWN abstractions? Would those be a copy of the ORIGINAL's consciousness, or an entirely NEW consciousness... Or something else,

In GitS the show several known kinds of this happening. Most obvious is the Major who extensively uses multiple memory backup cyberbrains until presumably the last piece of "meat" dies. The Tachikomas continuously extract and analyze data and modify their own THINKING as they go. They were able to inhabit a remote server and switch bodies at will. Presumably their code contained the keys to doing it again.

Then you had other events like Ryesomes on the network, servers that held a particular point of view even as users came and went.. Kind of like Slashdot. They also had "stand alone complex" in which the larger group of "people" created the same idea multiple times without people collaborating. In that respect, keeping memories and personality "alive" on the network could be a way for humans collective experience to continue even when the idea carrier dies.. To keep the "spark" of those ideas available for the future human race.

Comment Re: All of this has happened before... (Score 1) 241

Came here just for this reference... It's surprisingly far down on the list.

This was EXACTLY what Zoe did to creat the original "cylon" AI's based on her dead friend. Further, it was what the Church of the One was going to use to offer people "eternal life."

Except all the avatars freaked out when they realized they were just copies of dead people. Only a handful could cope.

Tailia is the Cylon's god, not Zoe. That's why her little brother's ship was spared.

Comment Re: Can someone please kill the fucker (Score 1) 166

BINGO this!

Quinten should be going off on who stole his story and make them clean it up. Of course the sad thing on Hollywood is that the "staff" of rich people are probably the behest leakers because letting staff have access they shouldn't is par for the course.

Gawker has fought off Steve Jobs and Apple's lawyers... Quinten is just no match. Sorry kid. Cook seems to like pissing famous people off. And it is good for business and driving traffic. Kind of like the papparazzi, its their job to take pictures, and they score bigger if they get a picture if you hitting them.

Comment Re: It might be an unpopular opinion... (Score 2, Informative) 822

But you cannot be pardoned until THE LAW has its way.

This entire case is about THE LAW. The NSA broke laws. Snowden broke laws back to tell the public about them.

At this point, you don't ask him to "apologize" and take some licks. The EXECUTIVE BRANCH screwed up... THEY don't get to fix it.

The proper course of action is to arrest him and for the DoJ to press what they got. Then the COURTS will look at EVIDENCE and decide if he qualifies for Whistleblower status. And the COURTS will decide what charges stick. And the COURTS will tell the Executive to pound sand.

Then the EVIDENCE will be legally on the books. Then a solid precedent will be set for reporting these types of crimes. THAT'S how FREEDOM works.

After ALL THAT, we can talk about pardons. Right now Snowden is not "wanted" for any listed CRIMES. So he cannot be "pardoned" for anything!

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