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Comment Re: The tighter you clench your fist, Lord Vader.. (Score 1) 273

The upper members of both chambers of Congress APPROVE of what the NSA is doing. They have ACTIVELY BLOCKED the president from cleaning up any of this mess even though these are "executive" agents. Remember, the GOP allowed Bush to unilaterally expand the spying operations under Executive Orders (more than Obama) even when the VP was writing every passing Congress bill for six years straight. That wouldn't have happened without BOTH SIDES agreeing not to interfere.

Comment Re: Broken link: Here ya go (Score 1) 273

The issue is that the NSA AND important people in Congress KNOW EXACTLY what was going on.

This was never a SECRET that such illegal wanton actions were taking place. a THAT is Snowden's mistake. He willingly joined up with them and got his ticket punched when even average internet pundits knew back in 2002 the spying on everybody was gearing up and the courts refused to make the executive present proof.

Snowden hasn't produced anything we didn't already "know" was going on.. He's well-meaning, but entirely stupid as to his place in the system.

Comment Re:Google more restrictive than Microsoft (Score 1) 194

I think the problem is that Android would be running as a "guest" under RT, not as a real equal OS. There's no way in hell Windows RT license allows ANY FORM of dual OS during the boot sequence... they don't even allow that on x86 Windows installs... that's why you have to use Grub as your OS chooser.

Any "android" running with RT would clearly be "second fiddle" to the RT install. Which would mean all sorts of non-hardware level access and other little quirks versus a "real" android install. While HACKERS can easily make Android run inside those parameters, I cannot see Google Ever allowing the compromises in an Official product... it's just not salable.

Comment Re:Google more restrictive than Microsoft (Score 1) 194

The standard Windows license disallows dual booting, they cashed out BeOS for $100M so they wouldn't have to have that little nugget actually JUDGED in court. There's no way in hell that Windows RT even allows another certified OS to be installed in the boot area. ARM boot areas under RT are locked much more tightly than on x86 systems. I simply cannot see how you could LEGALLY create a dual OS environment within each groups rules. Android would have to be "emulated" and "sandboxed" under RT. So it would never be "real" Android, it would always be "second fiddle" to the RT OS. I cannot see Google allowing and "android that's not full access android" to be released.

Comment Re: Asymetrical warfare (Score 4, Insightful) 147

That's ok, we attacked their infrastructure with damaging programs first. If the CIA is gonna play with hackers, they'd better make sure the rest of the military is ready to play ball too.

It's not lie the navy had a few years of notice after Stuxxnet that the Iranians were going to take a shot back. If the navy can't hang with the big kids, they better stay out of hacking OTHER countries, eh.

Comment This is species/state of being -ist (Score 1) 462

The Swedes already have "hen" as a gender neutral pronoun for small folk. We can just rename "lady chickens" something else to free that up. Maybe another like hen-an or hen-do for older and younger hens.

The real proem is that this doesn't address non-human beings. Dolphins, gorillas, and others need to be equal on the Internet too.

That still doesn't address non-caporal entities like Internet chat bots, Tachicomas, giant floating heads, or beings of pure energy and different temporal existence characteristics. Those beings need equality even though we haven't met them yet.

We should really fix all these issues at once.

Comment Re: ...and that makes it better? (Score -1, Troll) 227

Their failure is an open joke now. He should have been fed to the sharks in little pieces five minutes after he bought that ticket to Hong Kong and they reviewed his work access. How are they "watching terrorists" but not their own employees with admin access.

It's time for every manager above Snowden to "fall on their swords". And if they committ suicide right now we won't have to arrest theirs families too. Even if they did catch him, they should be offed for ALLOWING him to gather that much data, ever.

I'm all for whistleblower status, but Snowden should have been DEAD, HORRIBLY within 24 hours of that flight to Hong Kong. They should have "accidented" the whole plane just to get him... They had NO IDEA who he was talking too! Their standards are laughable if THESE PEOPLE are all we got holding the line against terrorists.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 578

Regulation of capitalism has to be like sports rules. sports change rules all the time to make competition between players on the field or teams more fair. Because a game where the same teams always won would be no fun to watch. It's a shame we don't view competition in the free market the same way. Ie "yea, Microsoft invited Apple to the Super Dish again this year". Are they so nice!

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