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Comment Re:Genetic algorithms? (Score 1) 27

Third, the kind of algorithms they describe sound more like neural nets with a large combinatoric variation of units, layers, feedback components, and sundry other possible variants. These seem to me to be both a biologically plausible mechanism for a biologically inspired vision model, not to mention a viable candidate for the pattern recognition of a wide range of vision targets. GA-based mechanism would be too symbolic and boolean to be biologically plausible, and too rigid in matching specific input patterns.

Actually, using GAs (an optimization method) to train a neural network (an optimization problem) is a fairly common technique.

Comment Re:Reminds me of Life of Brian... (Score 5, Funny) 173

Welcome to the programming language department. Bruce here teaches Python, the object oriented dynamically typed language. Bruce teaches Python the lazy functional language, while Bruce teaches postfix Python. And then there's Bruce who teaches s-expression Python and is in charge of the snake dip.

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