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Comment Chrome is meh (Score 1) 213

I'm not sure you can blame WebKit for JS issues unless it's tied directly to the Dom. But either way I left chrome because it is a bit shit actually. The two biggest things are how often tabs go sad faced and won't fix themselves on refresh and if something isn't perfect in the HTML it can render an obscene amount of elements trying to resolve it and performance is out the window. This has gone on for years and probably still does. So with that and being spied on it seemed going back to Firefox was the same choice. Firefox has been improving and chrome isn't really. It also still has some really dumb UI issues too.

Comment Re:No really, it's jQuery that's broken (Score 2) 213

It only simplifies things by adding something that should be in the core language anyway but that doesn't include jqueryui. Which shouldn't be core functionality nor is it that nice to use unless you want a cookie cutter site appearance. Your right in that many professions don't abuse JS but a lot of people do use it unnecessarily and often ruining performance.

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