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Comment Re:one solution (Score 1) 617

I think a fair amount of people being brought into IT in any country aren't as highly skilled as they're supposed to be. There's an abuse going on by some companies to drive costs down.

There's nothing wrong with immigration. In fact the best way they could balance it out is by letting anyone freely live anywhere and apply for any job. But you don't get that, you get immigration that primarily benefits rich people and companies. There's plenty of jobs out there. It's just that some people aren't allowed to apply for them.

Comment Re:one solution (Score 1) 617

Because that's what a lot of them think they are supposed to do. One of my last employer's Filipino workers would easily put in over ten hours a day including weekends. Sometimes I'm not sure they ever slept because I'd be putting in longish hours too and they would replying to email and stuff at like 3am their time. That doesn't necessarily change just because they're in the country. Not every country abuses it's Immigrant staff but unfortunately a lot do

Comment Re:Not indentured servitude (Score 1) 617

It depends on how you compensate them. Some do get the equivelant of a really nice wage through freebies like travel home and free housing but the one thing that would give them real freedom (cash) they don't get much. I knew a guy that took on a nice wage at one of my jobs but he said he was struggling despite having a much higher wage and that's because he had to live in the real world and pay for everything he wanted.

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