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Comment Automate your own response? (Score 1) 333

The reasonable thing to do is just block everything from their domain or that includes their name.

However that's no fun. What is fun is whipping up a python script and using a service like Tropo to respond to every single message with a phone call to tell them that the email is unwanted. Of course, to ensure that they can effectively identify the offending mail, the script should read it to them in it's entirety and ask them to press a button to acknowledge that they've understood and will stop. If the call gets... disconnected for any reason, it should call back and start over until it gets it's acknowledgement.

Comment Re:Serious question (Score 1) 335

The Hurd has one thing going for it. It's design called for putting as much functionality as possible into client-server interfaces. This made it run horrifically slow. However, now that we're in the multicore era... It might actually be a path forward. Fortunately, BeOS went the same direction, and it's not quite dead yet.

Comment The Net interprets censorship... (Score 3, Insightful) 529

John Gilmore's quote was always an oversimplification. The net itself doesn't do anything but move packets. The people that use the net are the ones that find ways over, under, and around censorship. And this is censorship. We can argue about whether or not it's justified (and in the case of websites selling Chanel knockoffs as the real thing, it might be) but the fact the ICE and DHS have exerted control over ICANN is not good.

I'm a US citizen, born and raised here. The prospect of my government having the power to control the web scares me shitless. It's time to start working on a decentralized, cryptographically sound successor to DNS. It's also time to get serious about IPv6 and IPSec (encryption at the network layer) as a way to foil deep packet inspection.


Submission + - AT&T Blocks Select 4chan Boards ( 3

SmarkWoW writes: "In what appears to be the first major steps toward stifling Net Neutrality, AT&T blocks a select few boards from the major imageboard 4chan. First reported by the official 4chan Status Blog, it appears that those who have residential AT&T DSL connections are unable to view certain boards on 4chan. The boards in question are /rk9/ and the infamous /b/. As most readers know, /b/ is the home of Anonymous, a large group of computer users responsible for spawning many memes such as RickRolling and LOLcats. Sources estimate that 15.5% of all internet users user AT&T DSL. A few short hours after reports of the blockage surfaced, members of /b/ have already begun to retaliate. The first strike appears to be toward the AT&T CEO, Randall Stephenson. Needless to say, this is going to get ugly."

Submission + - AT&T blocks access to several 4chan boards (

An anonymous reader writes: from the article:
"Firing one of the first shots in the net neutrality war, AT&T has blocked 4chan's /b/ image board. AT&T subscribers are unable to connect to /b/ and /r9k/ (both of which are hosted on However, subscribers can get on any of the so-called worksafe boards that offers. The problem seems to be present only for wired connections only (AT&T Mobility customers are not affected). The problem is not caused by an DNS-error, as traceroutes indicates that AT&T is dropping requests in the AT&T network."

The block has been confirmed by moot:

The Military

Israelis Sue Government For Laser Cannons 736

An anonymous reader writes "Residents of a southern Israeli town want a real-life laser cannon to protect them against Palestinian rocket attacks. And they're suing the national government, for failing to provide the ray gun defense. The U.S.-Israeli Tactical High Energy Laser project was widely considered to be the most successful energy weapon ever built. But the toxic chemicals needed to generate THEL's megawatts of power made the thing a logistical nightmare. It was scrapped. Now, the residents of Sderot want it back. And they're taking Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to court to make it happen."

A Robotic Taxi Named robuCAB 69

Roland Piquepaille writes "According to ICT Results, an EU-funded project named Embounded 'has achieved the twin, and apparently contradictory, goals of making embedded systems both smarter and tougher.' One example is the robuCAB, a '4 seat automated people mover' developed by a French company and built from a 4 wheel-drive electric chassis with on-board PC. This autonomous vehicle follows the curb and carries several embedded systems, with one camera on the path edge, another device tracking the angle and direction of the curb, while others control the gearing and acceleration. robuCABs are not totally independent. They move over pre-defined circuits which contain a series of sensors below the ground. But read more for additional references and a picture of two robuCABs on the road."

Submission + - Google Homepage Not Working 1

jackli writes: "So I'm sitting on the couch trying to google a youtube video, but to my distress, the webpage is down! Mail and other auxillary Google outlets work, but the main page is definitely not working. Several browsers and pings later (pings work!), I'm wondering how much money Google is losing by the second. Can anyone else back me up on this?"

Submission + - Comedic Rights Backlash

menciasteals writes: "After Joe Rogan confronted Carlos Mencia during a performance at the Comedy Store, a petition has been started in an attempt to remove Mencia's show "Mind of Mencia" from Comedy Central's lineup in an internet-based attack against comedic theft. Rogan has since been banned from performing at the Comedy Store and has ended his relationship with the Gersh Agency. From Rogan's post on his blog: "Now, when you work hard on a bit and polish and craft it, and then someone just disrespects the whole process, steps in, steals it and performs it as his own, that's a pretty intense creative violation." So what do you say, Slashdotters, are Comedians entitled to the same rights as musicians and authors?"

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