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Comment Choices, choices (Score 1) 997

Be very clear on your intent...
  • If your goal is to create a "production system" of some sort, then you should pick pretty carefully from one of the following lists:
    • A scripting language, with Bash, being really ubiquitously available, being a good first choice, and fallback options being Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby
    • A "compiles-to-native" language, either C or C++
    • If you favor dynamic frameworks, then Java.

      (Or perhaps Mono...)

  • If you are trying to learn, are in a position to consider the results "throwaway code," and are interested in learning programming concepts, then you should look quite a bit more widely:
    • For heavy concurrency, consider Erlang

      And it would be well worth taking a side-trip to do something non-trivial in Prolog to see how backtracking works.

    • If you want something that compiles down to pretty fast object code that might be a bit stricter than C or C++, then it would be well worth taking a peek at Modula-3, Ada, or Eiffel.
    • It would be well worth taking a look at Common Lisp and/or Scheme, as they offer considerably different object models from what is "traditional" in C++/Java, and, as long as you don't merely play the academic game of "just doing list processing" or "just doing recursion", you can learn some very different approaches to programming.
    • Icon was the string processing language from the makers of SNOBOL that looks quite a lot like C (which SNOBOL doesn't!), and which introduced, to computer languages, having generators (which Ruby & Python have since adopted, and which you can also find in the Common Lisp SERIES package), as well as coroutines, which are a more event-driven-ish way of handling concurrency (probably nicer than threads).
    • Haskell or OCAML provide more "conventional" (e.g. - somewhat more Algol/C-shaped) views on functional programming than do Lisp or Prolog, and have interesting bits to them.

There are a lot of interesting computer languages out there!

Feed X-Wrt extends OpenWrt router firmware (

I've been using OpenWrt on my Linksys router for a year or so. I take it for granted -- I ignore it because it just works. But back at, which is a related project, not a competitor to OpenWrt, developers have been busy creating a new user interface that both extends OpenWrt and makes it easier to use.

Feed Google Browser Sync extension clones Firefox settings (

Computers can make your life easier, but you may not think so if you use more than one and like to keep your workspace the same across them. For instance, if you browse the Web, switching to another computer is a hassle. Where are your bookmarks? What was your password again? What was that URL you were looking at yesterday? Google Browser Sync is a Firefox extension that can help.

Feed New Gnash release includes support for YouTube videos (

Support for YouTube and streaming video is a key feature of Gnash 0.8.0, the third alpha release of the open source Flash movie player. Gnash is available as a standalone application, or as a plugin for Firefox, Mozilla, Konqueror, and Opera.

Feed YouTube hits iPhone (

Oh, and Apple TV too

YouTube is now available on Apple TV - but that's just a footnote. Apple also announced that it will include a specialized YouTube app with the iPhone when the long-awaited handheld device ships on 29 June.


Submission + - A truly globetrotter robot

Roland Piquepaille writes: "A British robotic submarine, Isis, has a very busy schedule these days. Last January, it was taking a 3-week Antarctic dive. In May, it was exploring a giant canyon just off the coast of Portugal. Its next mission will be the exploration of the Whittard Canyon, another deep submarine valley, this time off the coast of Ireland. This deep-diving remotely operated vehicle (ROV) looks like a van. It is 2.7 meters long, 2 meters high and 1.5 meters wide, it weighs 3,000kg and can dive down to 6,500 meters. But this van has enough equipment to take high-quality videos of sharks appearing at an unusual depth of 3,600 meters... But read more for additional details about this robotic submarine and see how how it is equipped to take clear pictures in the deep ocean."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Lawrence Lessig to leave copyright sphere (

brandonY writes: The founder of Creative Commons, the Stanford lawyer behind the "Eldred v. Ashcroft" case, and the author of "Code" has spent the last 10 years working tirelessly on behalf of limited copyright terms, net neutrality, and the public domain. Tuesday, Lawrence Lessig announced on his blog that he has "decided to shift my academic work, and soon, my activism" from fighting the good fight for the public domain to fighting the good fight against corruption and the influence of big money's effects on legislation in general.

Submission + - Novell Announces Real-Time Linux Enhancements and

An anonymous reader writes: Novell today announced new enhancements to SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time and unveiled new partnerships that expand the ecosystem around Novell's low latency Linux solution. SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time, the only enterprise-class, open source real-time operating system offered by an enterprise Linux distributor today, is a high performance, customizable, fully supported solution for running mission-critical applications that require deterministic processing and speed.

Submission + - Linux device makes good, better, Best

An anonymous reader writes: Another Linux-based gadget has broken into the mainstream consumer electronics marketplace. The Sonos Digital Music System is now available in more than 450 Best Buy retail outlets, alongside Linux-powered classics like the TiVo, Linksys WRT54G (V1-3), and Sony HD TVs. The device lets you easily distribute music digitally throughout your home.

Submission + - OSS becomes OSS - Too Late? (

An anonymous reader writes: 4Front Technologies [] will finally license [] their Open Sound System (the commercial version of the Linux kernel's old OSS audio drivers) under the GPL and CDDL. Maybe a little too late as ALSA has taken its place now. Developers may eventually change that again as OSS's API is much nicer to program for. The system setup is easier, too. But it will be a hard fight.

Official announcement tomorrow.

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