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Comment Re:A great win for FreeBSD (Score 1) 457

/* $FreeBSD$ */ /* $KAME: altq.h,v 1.10 2003/07/10 12:07:47 kjc Exp $ */ /* * Copyright (C) 1998-2003 * Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc. All rights reserved.

So Sony Computer Science Laboratories developed ALTQ and gave it back. Whether other parts of Sony will do the same with whatever stuff they develop for the PS4 is another matter.

Comment Re:What!? (Score 1) 298

The reason why rural america isn't like rural china? Acts like the electrification act, and now, proposals like the broadband act. Straight up, 100%. There were people without running water or indoor toiletry in the rural US in the 1950s, when that bill passed!

Actually, the first Rural Electrification Act was passed in the 1930's (1936).

Comment Re:Belgium is a great negative role model (Score 1) 298

Just the opposite. The policies are doing exactly what the lobbyists intended, feed the corporate coiffures at the expense of the people. Remember, the government no longer represents the voters, only those who buy pay their way to get elected.

I agree with your intended point, but you presumably meant "coffers"; feeding corporate coiffures would be amusing to watch....

Comment Re:He Could be Correct! (Score 1) 298

Perhaps he intended for "lead" to be in the past tense? It's that silly English language...

If so, he should have left the "a" out - it should have been "America's Broadband Networks Led the World". At least in that case, English is not so silly as to have the past and present tenses spelled the same.

Comment Re:USA Number One!!!! 111 1 1!!!! (Score 1) 298

Sorry; this was written by another slashdotter; not sure who, but I clipped and saved for re-use someday and now here it is.

We may not be the "best" at network speed and access; but here's what we are truly "number one" at:

To be fair, some of those items appear to be absolute counts rather than percentages; for example, number of $CRIMEs is less interesting than number of $CRIMEs per 1,000 people.

Others, however, are rates/percentages, and, yes, a higher rate/percentage of $BAD_THING does make you interestingly #1 in $BAD_THING.

Comment Re:Uh no (Score 1) 298

I'm guessing you live In Sweden, which has lovely network access but apparently doesn't teach geography for shit. Call me when you can find Bulgaria on the map and tell me what continent it's on.

Call me when you can find Bulgaria on this chart and tell me where it is relative to the US on that chart. :-)

(Or indicate why the chart is unrealistic. If it is realistic, perhaps Italy, for example, would have been a better choice.)

(And, no, that chart isn't a chart of fiber deployment, but if the countries below the US have more fiber deployed, one is tempted to ask what good it's doing.)

Comment Re:A big ball of dust (Score 1) 128

I believe that most asteroids are just a huge dust ball held together by gravity, no big rocks, just lots and lots of small particles gathering around a small core. With that view of an asteroid, an explosion in the atmosphere would be expected, and almost no solids would reach the ground.

And the evidence that supports this belief, and doesn't also support other beliefs, is?

Comment Re:And where have they put the power button on the (Score 1) 464

Sometimes it's really convenient to just reboot and get to work, instead of launching an extra environment. Yes, virtualisation works, but unless one has to multitask between os-dependant applications,

And some do. (I do development on cross-platform software, and it's Way Cool to be able to try stuff on various non-OS X OSes without having to reboot and not have my regular development/Web access/e-mail/etc. environment handy and without having to have other machine on which to do it. The downside is that, given that I want multiple versions of those OSes, about 1/3 of my "disk" is filled up with VMs....)

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