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Comment Re:Apple press release (Score 1) 362

Yes, it was in snow leopard. It is still cutting edge, as no other OS has anything similar throughout the OS.

GCD might be cutting-edge, but it does not itself make Mavericks a cutting-edge version of OS X, given that it dates back to Snow Leopard, and it doesn't belong in a list whose other members are features new in Mavericks. In the list "interrupt coalescing, memory compression, grand central dispatch, app nap.", at least one of these things is not like the others, as the saying goes, and, if by "interrupt coalescing" you mean "timer coalescing", exactly one of those things is not like the others.

(As for "interrupt coalescing", I have no reason to believe that, for example, jerbun's comment in this Gizmodo story:

My best guess is that they are essentially doing this:
Interrupt Coalescing
This taken from the "Time Coalescing" statement from which I am making the assumption that they really mean "Interrupt Coalescing."
The basic idea is that instead of waking up the processor every single time some sort of I/O needs to be done by a peripheral, they let some of them wait a little longer. Not all I/O is latency dependent, and as such the wake-up time can be postponed. This means that a series of interrupts can be handled all at once, and then the processor can go back to sleep.

More in depth explanation:
Anandtech on Haswell 6/10/13 5:21pm

is a good guess.

I'm more inclined to go with Apple's own description of it in their "OS X Mavericks Core Technologies Overview" document, which indicates that it shifts the times of events scheduled to happen sufficiently close together in time so that, instead of happening at a time as close as possible to the scheduled time, they happen at times further from their scheduled time in a fashion that allows more of them to be handled within one timer-based wakeup. One consequence of this might be that fewer timer interrupts occur (as I remember, XNU was made tickless at least as far back as Lion, so there aren't periodic timer interrupts), but that particular bit of interrupt coalescing - it only concerns timer interrupts - isn't the main goal, and is arguably not a goal at all, just a side-effect of reducing the number of timer-based wakeups from sleep.)

Comment Re:Hopeful (Score 1) 362

The two Lions are broken in many ways. The two that I dislike most are the "looks just like your paper calendar" craziness that was overflowing the whole UI

At least for Calendar and Address Book^W^WContacts, both are fixed in Mavericks.

and whatever it is that they've done with memory management that causes 4GB to be too little to really work on. This last one gripes me because I bought a 4GB MacBook Air because (silly me) 4GB had been more than plenty for my Snow Leopard systems.

It wasn't enough for my Snow Leopard MBP (admittedly, a zillion Safari windows, occasional firing up of various VMware Fusion VMs to do libpcap and/or Wireshark development work, and native development work on libpcap/tcpdump/Wireshark isn't exactly a typical load), and isn't enough for the other Snow Leopard MBP in the household (no development work or Fusion, but somewhere between .1 and .5 zillion Safari windows, and occasional Chrome windows on sites where Chrome sucks less than Safari - I'm looking at you,

Comment Re:Legacy Support (Score 1) 362

Apple needs to address legacy support and stop abandoning old software and data. Just because they want to move forward doesn't mean we as users want to give up access to our existing data. We need an operating system that supports all software. This should include all versions of the iOS, MacOSX, MacClassic, AppleII, etc. Even DOS, CPM and Windows. Offering universal emulation is possible - Apple hardware has the computing power and Apple Corporation has the resources. Doing this would set them apart and above all other vendors.

Yes, it'll set them above all other vendors in terms of "spending time and energy on a small group of users who will probably not contribute enough to their bottom like to make the investment make sense". Anybody who cares about CP/M apps, for example, should go get a copy of CP/M if they don't have one already and an emulator for a Z80-based PC and solve their problem that way, not expect Apple or Microsoft or any other OS vendor to care.

Comment Re:Apple press release (Score 1) 362

Curring edge features: interrupt coalescing, memory compression, grand central dispatch, app nap.

Presumably you're either referring to changes to GCD or expanding the use of GCD, given that GCD first appeared in OS X in Snow Leopard.

Comment Re: Proud? (Score 1) 1233

Depends on who you are and what you care about. Want to freely insult people? Germany's the wrong place. Want to have an abortion without being harassed? Germany is a good place. Want to harass, intimidate and lie to make people not have an abortion? Wrong place. Want to start a business and hire and fire people depending on your needs? Wrong place. Want to have children without being afraid of losing your job etc.? Slightly better place than the US but not comparable with e.g. Sweden. Want to have judges that care about justice and sanity, and a constitutional court with teeth that takes your freedoms seriously? Mostly a good place. Want courts that follow the letter of the law to the dot, no matter what was meant? Mostly wrong place. Want to have the freedom to own and use a gun? Really wrong place.

So, speaking of Sweden, how does it compare with Germany and the US on those issues?

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