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Submission + - Quantum Locking and Levatation (

CorvisRex writes: "We have all seen videos of Superconductors hovering above magnets, really physics 101 class these days., By the Escapist recently posted a video and axplaination of quantum locking during quantum levetation demonstrated at the recent ASTC conference by the folks at Israel's Tel Aviv University. Really one of the coolest Science Videos I have seen in a while. The demonstyrators also created a webpage explaining the phenomenom, at The effect not only allows the supercunducting wafer to levetate, but locks in spacially in three dimentions, even upsidedown."

Comment Re:The new Taliban? (Score 1) 310

No, Quite the contrary. Most of the protesters in libya, syria, yemen are very anti-Al Queada, that is one of the many reasons they are protesting, against their countries support for groups like that. You have to remember, these protests are not spontaneous, the tension against the authoritarian regimes in the middle-east has been building for decades. Fear and the need to feed ones family just kept people quiet, but people can only take so much.

Comment Re:Smooth terrain (Score 1) 62

Yeah, Looks like two objects bound together at one time due to gravity(low though it may be) not all the dust get blown totally away, some will settle back due to the week gravity. If the center part has less volatile and more dust, the dust will stay and not be out-gassed away. that would explain both the shape and the smoothness of the center part. just a guess.

Comment Just more proof that... (Score 3, Insightful) 187

Phillip K. Dick should be required reading for all kids. That way when they grow up and begin making decision that effect others, they just might(maybe) say, "Wow, I read something like this when I was a kid, it didn't turn out so well if I remember correctly." The reason so many Science Fiction writers can often be prophetic is that they look at a technology or an idea, and ask "I wonder what could go wrong with this?", "What will this idea mutate into in 100 years?" They think about the horrible, painful, or just bizarre turns technology and ideas can take. It is usually intended as social commentary, but is most often ignored...
Maybe they are just more in-tuned with the spirit of Murphy's Law than most....

Comment It's nice to see that some thing never change (Score 2, Insightful) 14

Comparing this wonderful piece of code, to Nazi Germany?!? To a madman and movement that caused the deaths of tens of millions of people?!? I warms the heart to know that teenagers today have even less sense of proportion, or knowledge of history than they did when I was young, That takes work, dedication!
Personally, I think that one should not be allowed to be a pop star until one is at least old enough to have ones testicles drop.

Comment Ask yourself... (Score 1) 281

Well, firstly, very little is fair... Many employers will try to get away with as much as possible. The less they spend, the more they make.
If they require this after they have hired you, and won't pay for it, you have to ask your self a couple of questions.

1.Can you take this off of your taxes? If so, then well, you are not really paying for it so it is not so bad.
2. Will this cert make you more valuable, that is, with this cert can you expect a larger salary? If so, will the employer pay you more?

Often times, things like this is the employer trying to get a senior level person while still paying them only a junior salary...
It might not be FAIR, but, well, that business.
Ask your self if it is worth it? If the money is still good, and the boss is kosher, then do it...
If it is just your boss trying to take advantage of you, and you think that you can find better else where, this might be a time to start looking for somewhere else to work, somewhere that will treat you better.
It's less about whether its fair, and more what you are willing to put up with for the job.

Comment recovery (Score 1) 811

Though I hate to agree with shrinks, most believe these days that one CAN get addicted to video games, at least psychologically. Basically, just like gambling, same effect, same thing going on in the brain, and just as hard to kick. Basically, if it is having a detrimental effect on his life, health, both physical and/or mental, and if this person is someone you care about, a friend, there is sadly, very little you can do. Trust me, talking doesn't help, telling them they are ruining their life does less than help. I am a recovering addict, I know. Pretty much the only thing you CAN do is perhaps an intervention, talk to his family, other friends, find substance abuse councilor and get advice from them. ANY aa,NA, rehab center will have a good list of people who know about this, call them. Basically, you have to treat it like a gambling addiction. If you really are concerned, the best bet is his family and a councilor, together maybe you can get him to at least think about the fact that he might have a problems. Realistically though, if someone does have a problem like this, there is little one can do unless the person is willing to seek help. It is a helpless feeling I know.

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