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Comment Re:Absurd (Score 4, Insightful) 274

I think it's fair game for ridicule. Hurd is the Duke Nuke'em Forever of kernels. It's incredible to think that it has been in development for 23 years. On the plus side the glacial pace of development, the lack of pragmatism, and the large dose of politics did have the positive benefit of motivating Linux into existence.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 318

Found and quickly erased. And the vast majority of people wouldn't be dumb enough to download "Sexy girl screensaver" even during its brief life. Especially when it asks for more permissions than god. And as other poster says, they're not infected, so much as malware. An application of common sense helps a lot here.

Comment Re:Take a look at that statue of liberty. (Score 5, Insightful) 214

Also, many European countries have a civil law system thanks to Napoleon. He may have been a dictator but he was a rather enlightened dictator for the time and swept away privileges, charters and other laws going all the way back to medieval times and replaced them with a civil code that enshrined many personal freedoms.

Comment Re:It's Never Too Late - for the Future (Score 1) 184

"in the context of a phone or tablet"... An RTOS is not necessary for a phone, and other kernels are quite capable of powering their respective phone operating systems. There is no reason to believe that a BB10 running over any one of them would be noticeably less performant than it would be over QNX. The kernel is largely an irrelevance to the end user. It's the functionality that matters. It may be that BB10 kicks ass - I own a Playbook and I like a lot of things about it - but I don't ascribe much of that to it running QNX.

Comment Re:Co-operate with Microsoft? (Score 1) 257

I think Sony made the right decision there. If Microsoft approached me about "co-operating" I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole. Look how well it worked out for IBM (with MS-DOS and OS/2) or Sun (with Java).

You only have to see how Toshiba's "cooperation" with Microsoft worked out for them with HD DVD to see what a bad idea it could be. Nokia could be the next victim of that "cooperation".

Comment Re:Sony run by idiots, news at 11 (Score 2) 257

Any OpenGL / OpenCL programmer would get what the cell is about in about 5 minutes flat. The SPUs are like general purpose vector processors which are extremely efficient at processing data. Load the SPUs up with a kernel (which is a bit like a shader / cl program), feed it data, data pops out the other end, all way faster than any CPU. It makes it perfect for stuff like physics, decompressing data, scene culling and so on.

The greater challenge would be architecting the game or app to make use of the cells in an optimal way and to move as much logic as possible into them to free up the CPU for other tasks. I expect cross platform games have it even harder since they have two opposing goals - to make the game work optimally across platforms and to share as much code as possible. Wouldn't be surprised if some of them have developed a higher level language which allows the logic to be expressed once and transformed to the equivalent code for use on 360 or PS3.

Comment Re:It's Never Too Late - for the Future (Score 4, Insightful) 184

The levels of fanboyism over QNX is becoming ridiculous. QNX is a fine kernel but in the context of a phone or tablet, it really is an irrelevance if Blackberry was using QNX, Linux, NT or Mach as the kernel. I expect they all offer analogous functionality and all would be capable of delivering the BB10 experience. And that's what matters, not the kernel underneath. If the user experience sucks then the device sucks. If the user experience is good then the the device is good.

I recall the exact same BS coming from Linux zealots a 10 years ago - buy a Zaurus it runs Linux!!! Yes it did and the device was still an expensive, battery sucking, heap of shit compared to a Palm or even a Windows Mobile devices of the same vintage. Palm devices especially were popular not for the prowess of the kernel but because they actually did what they were built for.

Comment Footprint (Score 1) 320

I would have thought the issues with perching the Surface were obvious from the moment photos of it appeared that showed how the stand worked. It might be fine on a desk but it would be a nuisance perched on the lap, or a small lecture hall table, or a clipback tray, or sitting in bed etc. Eventually Asus transformer devices will appear for Windows 8 Pro and I think at that point people can enjoy the best of both worlds - providing the keyboard dock counteracts the weight of tablet bit and doesn't tip over.

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