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Wii Outsells PS3, Blue-ray Outsells HD DVD 182

njkid1, a regular contributor of GameDaily articles, passed us word that the Wii is handily outselling the PS3 in Japan. Famitsu parent company Enterbrain has figures showing that Nintendo sold 405,000 Wii units last month, while Sony sold 148,000 units of the PS3. While this is probably not something the folks at Sony are overjoyed about, they did have reason to crow this week. They've now announced that cumulative Blu-ray sales have passed the HD DVD format for the first time. Gamasutra has the word, from Sony itself, with some interesting supporting information. Most PS3 owners, it seems, have used their system to watch HD movies. Some full 80 percent plan to buy further HD titles in the future. This is further support for the VideoScan sales figures we discussed last week.

Submission + - OS Security: Open vs. Closed?

AlexGr writes: "This article "Open vs. Closed" is from ACM Queue,By Richard Ford, Florida Institute Of Technology a=showpage&pid=453&page=1 There is no better way to start an argument among a group of developers than proclaiming Operating System A to be "more secure" than Operating System B. This is one of the most intelligent discussions on this subject."

Submission + - SPAM: Action video games sharpen vision 20 percent

FiReaNGeL writes: "Researchers at the University of Rochester have shown that people who played action video games for a few hours a day over the course of a month improved by about 20 percent in their ability to identify letters presented in clutter — a visual acuity test similar to ones used in regular ophthalmology clinics. In essence, playing video game improves your bottom line on a standard eye chart. "Action video game play changes the way our brains process visual information," said the researcher. "After just 30 hours, players showed a substantial increase in the spatial resolution of their vision, meaning they could see figures like those on an eye chart more clearly, even when other symbols crowded in." Shouldn't we all have X-ray vision at this point?"

Novell Won't Lose Right To Sell Linux 216

BinnyVA writes "You know the story about Novell losing the right to distribute Linux? Well, the Free Software Foundation has absolutely no control over Novell's distribution of Linux. A zealous Reuters reporter apparently conflated the FSF with the open source community in general, took some quotes out of context, and ended up with a sensational headline that fooled a number of people. The Novell deal is completely within the bounds of the GPL, GPLv3 isn't even done yet, and even when it is the Linux kernel is unlikely to be covered by it." and Slashdot are both owned by OSTG.

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