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Comment Re:The evil "American Right"... (Score 1) 945

Went to subway (in ALABAMA NO LESS) last week to get my kids lunch. They've pulled soda and chips off the kids menu. When I pressed the manager on why, her words were "It's not a law yet, but Mrs. Obama is working on it, so we went ahead and made the change"

Now, granted, this isn't the same as completely denying chips and soda to kids, but it has the same spirit. I'm a responsible parent. My kids eat their green beans, broccoli and carrots. If I want to give them a treat every now and then, it should be my choice. Not Mrs. Obama's.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 945

sorry for switching topics temporarily, but it you actually take it up to 120, or was that the number on the spedo.

I've been in an insight before. At 80 I began to fear for my life. Those low friction tires don't exactly grip the road, even in a straight line.

Comment Re:The Democrats don't help (Score 2) 945

Amen, I've been on my own personal quest for the last year to educate 'the world' about the confusion here. Net Neutrality != Fairness Doctrine. That's the subject line for quite a few emails I've sent to Glen, Sean and Hannity's inbox (gets ruled to trash I'm sure!)

I keep trying to explain that NN is a business issue with technical parts. It's not a social issue as they say. I can personally vouch for Beck, as I listen every day, that he has this confusion, deliberate or not. It usually goes like this:
"Today, we're going to talk about Net Neutrality. This is where the socialist libs want to force us to put their content in our media"

Now, with the statements you have above from the WH, where they are blending NN and FD... If these two things DO get put together in one bill, a bill with Fairness Doctrine and Net Neutrality rules, I'm going to swap sides be firmly against it.

Comment Re:The evil "American Right"... (Score 0, Troll) 945

the gubbermint is taking away our desserts! Ebil ebil gubbermint!

The first part of your post was just noise. It was the end of it that mattered. The government is telling us what we can't eat now. Which is just another way of telling us what we are allowed to eat. HELLO?! Doesn't the government control us enough already?

Comment Sensational Reporting (Score 1) 1352

Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid

A new survey of American voters shows that Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources.

Come on, give me a break.

misinformed, nor mislead, does not mean your LITERALLY STUPID. It doesn't even necessarily mean your naive. It just means that you've been misinformed. Many of the designers for the first atomic bombs were mislead by the govermnent about their exact purpose, does that make these guys LITERALLY STUPID? No, it doesn't. People are misinformed every time you turn around, all day long. It doesn't make them stupid.

Comment Birthplace? Seriously? (Score 2) 1352

Perhaps people who believe that Obama was not born in the US are more likely to be watchers of fox news, not the other way around?

The flame war should be towards you for posting such drivel! This is neither news, or for nerds. Here's an idea, why don't you just replace your news feed with one from Huffington/Politico, since it appears that's the way you want to go.

Comment Re:By Accident (Score 1) 968

Oh I forgot about that. before I found the cheats I raised my running (I think it was) by moving my char into a corner, placing something heavy just right on the keyboard, leaving the game going and then left the house for a few days. Boy was I fast when I returned.

Comment Re:By Accident (Score 1) 968

because you're like me and spent way too much time playing?

And if you're really like me you got kinda bored that it was dragging on so long, you went and got the cheats to make you uber strong, and could fly, and then went around attacking the god at the end?

Comment Uh oh, shouldn't have just ordered fertilizer (Score 1) 299

Well, I live in alabama. I have a garden. I have a good excuse to order 50 lbs of fertizlier.

Now what was really probably a bad idea was just now before I started writing this, I just looked up fertilizer bomb on google, then read about it on wikipedia.

Let me just add a few keywords here to make this a complete post.. I can see their sensors going crazy now.


(disclaimer: I have no intention of creating any sort of explosion, doing anything terrorist, hurting anyone. I didn't even really buy any fertilizer. This is all just to get a +1 funny... but thanks to this disclaimer I probably won't even get that.)

Comment PETA (Score 1) 96

I'm sure PETA is going to have a cow. You know they're not just about EATING animals. Ethical Treatment and all!!! Is it ETHICAL to STEAL energy from an eel without asking it first?!

Hell, they're not happy you even HAVE an eel. Much less are forcing it to move around so you can harvest it's energy.

I can see a bunch of naked protesters between aluminum panels trying to power lightbulbs now.

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