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Comment Re:Ugh (Score 1) 597

Haven't you heard, spying on people IS for the greater good. If you do "secret stuff" how are we supposed to protect you from yourself? All your data are belong to us. Trust us. We only have your best interest at heart.

Comment Re:Arianna (Score 1) 94

I find it ironic that people would work for free for an organization that promotes socialism and then be surprised that they weren't paid. Of course I've read the content provided by the free bloggers a couple times and found it wasn't worth what they were paid so I guess I shouldn't be surprised they weren't smart enough to read or understand the fine print.

Comment Right app - wrong platform? (Score 1) 1

Shouldn't the developer have written an entire platform for this? Nemesisbook. That way we have a single place to manage all of our nemesis'... nemesisis...nemenemenas...

For example, we may want to track their movements, plan and execute practicle jokes, instead of "poking" we would "mock"... for everything that you can do on Facebook we would want its opposite on Nemesisbook.

Clearly this guy doesn't think big enough so he is my first nemesis entry.

Comment Re:Achilles Heel (Score 1) 270

Wasn't the point of the post that while the government could "require" decryption of data on request, you need to know who "who" is before you can make the request. Sure it might be discovered eventually, but the value of the chase would have to justify the cost of engaging in the chase in the first place (yes, governments would not necessarily use logic in deciding that a chase must be undertaken). Still, I think the point is that if enough people circumvented the controls the controls would become pointless. I think the analogy is trying to track down and shut down file sharing sites. They spring up as fast as they can be taken down.

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