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Comment A Groupon pitfall (Score 3, Interesting) 129

There's a local Indian eatery my wife and I enjoy from time to time. The service was always excellent until the time when our visit happened to coincide with a Groupon special. We walked in and noticed right away that the place as far busier than usual. Unfortunately that had a detrimental effect on the service, which stank and we were pissed off once we learned it was a Groupon night, as we paid full price for crap service and we are regulars.

Too bad for the restaurants in large cities which get sucked into trying Groupon. You place gets filled for one night with cheapskates, who then move on to the next Groupon deal restaurant the following night, and so on... You f'd over regular customers for a bunch of 20-somthing cheapskates - we have not returned and may not.

The whole point of coupons and specials is to get people to try your restaurant and then come back if the person likes it. However with Groupon I doubt very much this works as the only people using Groupon are the types that are eating at the next local Groupon special as all they care about is the deal.

Comment Let's not forget Celebrity (Score 1) 547

Jenny McCarthy. Need I say more? Even Randi has taken issue with her espousing her uneducated opinion about child vaccinations in a huge public forum because of her celebrity. It may not yet be an epidemic, but the resurgence of whooping cough in the United States is in part due to her and her bubble-headed bleach-blond talking head. She has done a real disservice to mankind and has done nothing to try and reach those influenced by her words now that science has unequivocally refuted her witch doctor claims.

Sorry but in the modern world Celebrity trumps everything, even religion. That is part of the problem.

Comment 100% FUD (Score 1) 244

Those that benefit from suckling at the tits of the bloated pig called the military industrial complex have now found a new and fatter pig from which to suckle. Cyber War is a bunch of BS propaganda to feed to the mindless politicians who only care about lining their pockets with greenbacks. Another way to waste American taxpayer money and prevent it from being used for something that would actually help society, such as Universal Health Care.

Comment Re:Adblock, Cookie Monster, Better Privacy (Score 2) 133

Add Request Policy and NoScript to that list and cross domain pixel tracking will cease as well.

Of course there is always browser footprinting, so do not, for one minute, think that your activities can not be tracked regardless of what you do unless you also go about dynamically changing the data your browser sends with HTTP requests; but adding these simple helpers ups the game a little at least.

Comment Wells Fargo Bank is ONE! (Score 2) 103

Last week my Father sent me the debug output of a NoScript dump where Abe detected potential XSS while he was connecting to Wells Fargo Online Banking - the XSS was bogus but among the other messages was this disheartening line printed over and over again: : server does not support RFC 5746, see CVE-2009-3555

Almost as lame as Citi's CC numbers in the URL string.

Comment I'd be wary (Score 1) 432

Of earning a degree in Comp Sci at a school where the technical staff laughs at the idea of Linux support for any reason. Any school worthy earning a Comp Sci degree not only supports Linux, but supports it at the Help Desk as well as encourages its use and offers a commercial version to students along with Windows and Mac OS.

Comment Re:Waaah (Score 1) 49

The /. site has the same problem as the one outlined in this story; so yeah I'd pretty much have to agree with that sentiment after having let them know a long time ago and still nothing has been done about it.

Glad I don't pay for a subscription - hopefully at least there they require another token besides the one set when logging in in order to get to order and cc info; or better yet they don't save CC info.

Even so, I rarely log in to /. as in my opinion this is totally lame regardless, no site should function this way.

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