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Comment Re:Filed by Ken Cuccinelli (Score 1) 1505

I'm not a tea partier so I can't speak for the whole lot but the ones I do know are against unbalanced spending, big gov't, redistribution of wealth, the massive debt, etc. Everyone should be against the mandate because it IS unconstitutional. Personally, I feel health insurance/care needs to be fixed. No doubt about it. I just don't like the progressive way of doing it (and either does a majority of the country if polls are right).

Comment Re:Filed by Ken Cuccinelli (Score 1, Offtopic) 1505

Who is the liberal equivalent to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck for instance?

Ed Shultz
Tons of celebrities

I think Obermann is off the air though (don't feel like googling it). You may not know about them because no one is watching them but they exist. Rachel Maddow was pretty bad last time I checked but haven't heard much about here lately.

As for celebs, friggin tons:

Michael Moore
Bill Mahar
The View
Oliver Stone

And of course there's Jeanine Garafalo (sp?). She out crazies all the crazies put together.

Comment Re:Go Stephen! (Score 2, Insightful) 703

Dude, Attila made a statement based on fact that you blasted him/her for and you were wrong. Wish I could say I was surprised at how you handle that. Maybe if you spent more time reading opposing ideas and viewpoints and less time trying to filter out the boogeyman you would have been able to google it and avoid looking like an ass.

This one's cool, Beck rally vs. inaguration
A little longer with a funny title "Post-Barackalyptic Wasteland"
This one's all dramatic looking
Here's one from a liberal rag for you. Scroll down to "Tell your grandchildren: 'I was there'. Two people sitting on a pile of trash looking super happy about it

Comment Re:Go Stephen! (Score 1) 703

It's probably based on the fact that the people at Colberts rally would be liberals. At Becks rally and at the Tea Party rally there were conservatives and both times the mall was left spotless by the crowd. Compare that to the inauguration crowd for Obama who left the place looking like a bomb went off. It gives a bit of an insight into the character of the different people attending the events.

Comment Re:Android (Score 1) 146

You forgot one:

4. Low FQ (Faggy Quotient)

Army doesn't want a bunch of soldiers running around with a prissy little iPhone in their hand. They need a manly device. Just the saying the name "Android" makes me spit a wad of tobacco spit, and I'm not even chewing tobacco. Now that's manly. iPhones are for teenage girls and smug hipsters in turtlenecks, not killing machines.

Comment Re:3M (Score 2, Funny) 646

When do we get to start calling it the 10's? I wonder if, during the 90's, there were old folk who called it the 1990's because to them "the 90's" referred to the 1890's. Maybe I have way too much time on my hands but I think about stuff like this. Maybe I can throw a "Who were these people?" at the end of it and sell it to Seinfeld as a joke.

Comment Re:Age Discrimination is Reality in IT (Score 1) 543

Yeah. I think this is geared towards the developers. I don't find age discrimination in systems administration. In fact it's just the opposite because it's a job where experience matters in a big way. Sysadmins under 30 generally don't know their ass from a hole in the ground and are ALWAYS the cause of an outage at my company if it was the result of human error. As far as "getting" new technology is concerned, sysadmins don't have issues with this either. A sharp tech is a sharp tech. Doesn't matter their age. If there's something new to learn, you learn it. Learning new technology is easy. Implementing, maintaining, and incorporating it into an existing system/process is what can be difficult and that's better suited for someone with experience.

Comment Re:it wasn't a distraction last year (Score 1) 545

I read your words. Words that were responding on a thread about the new Arizona anti-illegal immigration law. Words that said it would be racist to arrest people just for having brown skin. You were implying that the Arizona law allows for or will result in this. Or are you going to tell me you were just posting a random racism rant that accidentally landed in a conversation about the Arizona law. I'm sick of you and the rest of the FUD spreaders trying to misrepresent what the Arizona legislature is trying to accomplish. I read the words on the page because that's what laws are. If cops break one law trying to enforce another it doesn't mean the law they are trying to enforce is bad. It means the cop is.

Comment Re:it wasn't a distraction last year (Score 1) 545

However, it *is* racist when you are arresting a bunch of people for possibly being illegal immigrants simply because they have brown skin.

That would be racial profiling which is against the law. The new anti-illegal immigration law in Arizona doesn't change that. You and those who marked you "insightful" should read it. It's not long. BTW, Arizona does go after businesses that hire illegal immigrants. Again, read.

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