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Comment Re:Cool... (Score 1) 165

>> Barring catastrophe, we will eventually do it.

And where did you pick that up ? On the last 50 tv shows/sci-fi movies that you looked .. ?
You could just as easily say we're all dead. Both statements are dellusional, unfortunately influenced by above mentioned that influenced you to think this way.

Offtopic, but relevant in some sort of abstract way: Then people wonder why media can influence people opinion (to give a green light) when it comes to bombing 20 countries in 10 years.

And my personal opinion.. I consider you arrogant people guilty of war crimes, suffering, poverty, and everything else negative on this country. Fuck Bush and Obama what you are.

Comment Re:Double-blind? (Score 1) 92

Rap today is same as R(nR) today. Read: Rap long time ago, was same as Rock long time ago, maybe not musically.. but it was creative and honest.
I'm embarrased to say I listen to rock music for a long time now.

When something is honest it's not crap, and besides .. creation is never crap. Having prejudice and cutting off everything without knowing it's history is crap.
This comes from someone who grew up with Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, Howlin wolf, Led Zeppelin etc.

I respect creative and real rap music, lyrically (read again: I'm not talking about what you see on TV).

Comment Re:Oh bullshit. (Score 1) 113

The story quotes database guru Mike Stonebraker saying, 'I think Facebook has the hardest information technology problem on the planet.'

Really? You think keeping track of some people's dinner plans is the hardest IT problem on the planet? How about YouTube storing and serving truly ludicrous amounts of video. Web search? Watson?

Facebook is utterly trivial compared to many problems out there.

+5 insightful ? Seems like slashdot have a bug somewhere. Should be +5 Ignorant. Seriously.. this is so wrong it's crazy.

Comment Re:I don't understand (Score 1) 867

Many reasons. I'm using Ubuntu. Lately some changes they did or plan to do, don't agree with me, so I'm just gonna say bye-bye and try some other desktop friendly distribution. Fortunately you have a freedom of choice, as opposed to let's say Windows.. where nobody gives a f what you want or what you like. If they decide to display ads on your desktop, you gonna have to adapt to it.

Same goes for desktop environments.. Like this Gnome 3 BS. You have 10 more to choose from, so if you personally.. subjectively, don't like something.. you just take 5 minutes to google a bit and you'll find alternative. Not all people like the same thing. Imagine if only outlook express existed.. or Thunderbird .. as a Email client. Or only Internet Explorer as a browser. Having possibility to choose is a good thing.

Some people do it for fun/experimentation... that's alright too.

Comment Re:games and applications (Score 2) 616

I'm using Linux on desktop for 11 years. Dual boot just so I can play games once in a year. The 'failure' of the linux desktop is that trivial stupid things like ... sound, sometimes is not working OR is not working properly.
Besides sound, some (other) desktop components are not working properly. And in every version there's a different problem. I'm not even gonna start talkin about consequences of upgrades (if it works for you, congratulations. Read below. It's not working for me and if you type in google the problem you're having you get 50 k results back).

Basically... it comes down to 'luck' with linux desktop. You might go about your life fine, without problems, or you might be experiencing them on every step. These trivial small things, in 2012, are a deal breaker. Not for me, because I'm barely using desktop environment so I just don't care. I'm so fucked up that I use console for everything (except web mail skype IM). If you're one of this kind of people, and you propagate how linux desktop is mature and working, and think it's great.. go take a cold shower and grow up. It is great and I for one am gonna continue using it, but it's shit at the same time and will continue to be shit for a very long time.

Comment obvious reasons _for me_ (Score 1) 665

Compared to chrome, it's slower (on my laptop), and it takes more ram. Which is automatic turn off for me. Like playing fps game at 15 frames per second. Screw that.

On the other hand, when site is bringing my chrome down, i fire up firefox... and it works. Softlayers virtual server order page was the latest to cause problems for my chrome.

Comment Re:I want to hate Anonymous (Score 1) 234

Something that was _not_ forbidden by law yesterday, may be forbidden tomorrow. Having said that, what do you think.. when there is no law on something that you also presume subjectively as a good thing (that there is no law about that something) today, and in few years they introduce the law, let's say, limiting people (including you) to do something that was fine to do yesterday. This is happening all the time, btw.

Will your viewpoint change then ? If not, then you're contradicting yourself, since at that point you'll stop following the law and only thing you can do to justify it, is saying something like "i know what's right".. which is hypocritical given your current opinion and self-righteous which is even worse.
If yes, then you (sorry to say it like this) don't deserve a primary attribute us human beings have as a species. Individuality and capability of independent thought, higher intelligence. _The things that you're utilizing right now in this discussion_.

Comment When you decide to do something. (Score 2, Interesting) 462

Stop being greedy self-centered asshole that main purpose in life is consumation. And it is main purpose in life for many of people. All those that, like George Carlin say, buy things they "DON'T NEED" with money they don't have.

I don't own a freaking iPod or iPad or 50 pairs of shoes and pants and big screen TV, and don't have a need to "get one" as soon as it starts hitting the media... if there's a practical need for me to get one, I'll get one. I'm not gonna go blindly buy everything. You may think this isn't related, but it is. 90 % of stuff you can buy/posses is BS. More worse, stupid BS. But as long as it's fancy and flashy ... it's alright eh ?

When you stop simply consuming without thinking, all those factories will gonna close down. Lost jobs ? Oh well, you can't sit with one ass on two chairs.
Stop bloody complaining, and do something about it.

Comment Re:Now see, it's hyperbole like this (Score 1) 462

They just gonna use this as an excuse to push some new law which will be (again, same as last ... well, just look at last 15 years that's enough) in their interest(*) and for which you gonna pay up. By they I mean these centralized governments we have today. The others just follow that, even when they are not a part of it.
If not, the centralized governments public relationship office, namely, mainstream media, wouldn't bombard people with these sort of thing all the time. They aren't doing it because they like you, certainly not. If you think this is some sort of conspiracy theory, then you retarded.

You'll see in few years. If you not think so, then like I said above.. look at the trend from last 15 years. Imagine how world will look like in 50.

(*) Money, power, duration of exploitation of planet/resources, something else.

Comment Re:This is why... (Score 1) 112

Politics is a force that's moving into some direction. Politicians are just faces that speak for that force. I have no idea what it is, but I know politicians are not important. Look at the last 12 years in US. In reality, nothing changed, it's just following the flow, and things are happening and ending naturally.. one dude is not influencing those changes in any way.

Or look at the fcked up countries. In those, you have politicians that are really in power. In those cases, they run the country solely for personal interests.

In communists countries you can point a finger at someone when things go bad. Now in "democracy", when you point a finger at someone he gets replaced by another guy. Then you point a finger at him, then he gets replaced. Then you point finger again, then that guy get's replaced. And the things stay the same.

If you people had "ANY" honest politicians and if I'm wrong in my previous sentence, that guy would be on a function for life, eg. president for life, not just one or two terms. Why not if he's doing his job well ? The absurdity of "but come next election..." is that every 4 year people say that, and nothing changes, then they say it again.. and again and again...

I propose people hang every politicians, together with his/her family, if he betrays and/or twists, in any way, ideas he propagated to get to the power.
Why not ? There's a death penalty.. right ? Biggest penalty should be for politicians that manipulate and lie their own people, for personal/corporate/masters/whoever interests. In few years time there either wouldn't be any more politicians, or you would only have those few genuine ones.
The problem with this is that the system would fall apart, since it's based on bullshit anyway.. we don't know how to live in anything else other then BS. - Taken from G. Carlin bit.

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