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Comment Re:Don't Be Evil? That's just a lie (Score 2, Insightful) 417

In capitalism and fascism, the powerful betrays the consumers/subjects. And exploits them.
They only bullshitted you, when they, between the lines, said something like: you have a choice.

It reminds me of a George Carlin bit called, you have no rights, you have owners.

For the american audience:
No, I'm not a commie.

Comment Re:I don't think a photo is necessary. (Score 1) 518

I don't get you people. You don't have to be hard core fanatics to be skeptical. Judging from recent politics posts here on slashdot, it seems to me that skepticism in you people is long dead.

There certainly could be political motivation in bin laden conspiracy theories. I mean, it's highly probable. If you keep it all secret for 10 years, without explaining some evidence flaws and there ARE many, etc.
I'm not gonna be giving references because I'm not trying to take sides and 'fight' for one side or another, i'm pointing out the mindless labeling, stereotyping, and two dimensional thinking in general that somehow started to be considered as "normal" and "balanced" way of thinking.

Comment Re:Sensational! (Score 1) 537

That's why you have brain, so you don't buy/get stuff you don't need. However, It seems that people stopped using that brain since 24/7 news channels.

I don't have any masks, and liquid whatever soaps, nothing, and neither does anyone I ever knew in my life. EVER. All generations, and we're all alive and kickin'. In fact, I can with certainty say that we here from Balkan are healthier then people with all this high tech soaps and masks and the rest of it. You know why ? Because we don't go to hospitals for every meaningless symptom and don't panic, in fact, don't think about that stuff at all. If I die I die. Fuck it. I'm not gonna live my life buying gas masks and walking around with one. I for my self, can say, I know without news propaganda/sensationalism/whatever when and what to do, and if I'm mistaken, I don't care. I'm gonna die anyway. I abandoned the notion that I'm important so important. In the grand scheme of things, only thing that matters is my relationships with people in the now.

Regarding this nuclear disaster topic, or whatever you want to label it as, same rule applies. Common sense and thinking is all everyone need. Spend a month learning, informing yourself if you think it's important for your situation (where you live etc) to know.
Read 50 different media sources, including the conspiracy theorists, why not ? Are you closed minded skeptic or open minded skeptic ? After you do all that, you'll know what to do. Relying on media to care for you is retarded. Think and act for yourself, stop being a pussy.

Comment Moral side ? (Score 1) 312

I'm not in animal rights or whatever, but this reminds me of star trek episode where the picard is data's lawyer.
The science behind this will probably be/is great, and people should probably master it, but I see people discussing this as these things would serve as an entertainment for us, and no one mentioned is it moral/ethical to bio-engineer extinct species so we can put it in zoo and take our kids to see it.

After all, if this succeeds, those mammoths will be living things.

I was just wondering.

Submission + - Dealing with investors for the first time

geekymachoman writes: I had an idea for web site, that intrigued some people, who know some other people (Investors mentioned in subject), and the investors now want to adopt the project, and start financing it. Marketing, development... etc.
Majority of my professional life I was an IT guy, rarely dealing with people outside my field of interest, like many of you people here. Geek generation(s) if I may say.

Now, since this was my idea, and still is, and I'm developing the project, it's a matter of time when we'll negotiate the percentage of projects profit and control over decisions for project, and I have no idea what to expect or what to ask for.
The investors are American, and I'm not US citizen. Don't know if that's relevant.

I'm asking you, fellow slashdot readers, to share you're experiences and any information you can disclose and think it would be helpful for me, on how to deal with these investors, and what to expect from them.

Comment Why you don't do it then ? (Score 1) 237

.If you think the guy's doing this for financial interest ?

I mean.. what he's doing and how, requires money anyway. If he gets the documents and spends whole lot of cash in the process of living that way and doing what he does, of course he needs money. It's how the system works. He isn't stupid.

Comment They're doing what they know best (Score 2) 402

And that is.. controlling people. When things start getting out of hand, they start enforcing and censoring stuff. Like they want to do with internet now, because internet is biggest threat to them. Internet is communication freedom.

Authority never liked that, because it undermines their power to do what they want. Religion... Governments, no difference there. All they want is power. And if people don't rise up now, and let their voices be heard, whatever the cost, we and future generations are properly screwed, because this now is our best chance, and if we miss it, the whole point of internet will be lost soon, and we'll go back to getting tailored info from our masters which suits their interests, not the truth.

I'd rather have anarchy then this dictatorship masked as democracy/freedom shit.

Comment Re:Alternative headline (Score 2) 987

The Soviets wisely stopped fighting in Afghanistan when they realized it's hopeless to civilize that mountain country, and we should too. We'd save a LOT of lives.

Offtopic and possibly flame bait, but someones gotta say this.

As someone who had his country 'invaded' by US gov, I gotta say... we don't want you to 'civilize' us. And don't give me that bs crap about terrorism, what, are you so dumbed down that you really think we, less developed countries, suicide bomb or whatever you're country because we're jealous you live so good ? Yeah, right. We don't give a f about you, until you start meddling in our business, which you do because of you're gov own self interests, not because us gov is some kind of peace keepers or whatever propaganda they shove down you're throat so you support this kind of bs.

And regarding this wikileaks stuff, if you, the American people, don't do something about you're government (and no, electing so called 'democrats' won't help) nothing will happen. This will get buried eventually. And for all those deaths and all injustice you're gov did, using you're (taxpayers) money, no one will be judged - "because you aren't waging war, you're CIVILIZING us".

Now, get off my lawn.

Comment Re:I may have had an unusual reaction to the leaks (Score 1) 833

I don't know if this happened to many other people, but when I was reading through the leaks, I thought: It's good that my government knows all this stuff and keeps track of it. I think I've grown so used to thinking of the USA as being run by fools that it was actually a bit comforting to see that they actually do research and know stuff. Too bad that doesn't stop them acting foolishly!

I seen this kind of comments here already. From my viewpoint it seems you're Government knows what they're doing when it comes to foreign 'relationships', which I suppose is because that's all it matters to them.

They already got American people by the balls, so why care for them.

Comment I know I'm talkin about Hawking but... (Score 0, Troll) 465

... There are theories around that he probably didn't read, because of scientific prejudice towards the material.. I read a few, that are considered by scientific community as garbage, without them reading it and keeping an open mind / being skeptical.

The book is called My Big Toe, a physicist. Written by Thomas Campbell. So if someone is interested in this kind of stuff, I suggest you read it, not because of my recommendation, but because you would have one more concept/idea to keep an eye for, and try to prove or disprove what is written there, therefore help the 'movement' evolve.. make room for new ideas and concepts that will push us forward.

Being closed minded and full of prejudice doesn't help, never did.

Comment Re:Price (Score 2, Insightful) 565

The blind faith many people seem to put in Assange confuses the hell out of me. He pissed off the United States, so any and all allegations against him are automatically baseless? By those standards, all anti-US terrorists in US history are automatically innocent.

1. He 'should' be innocent until proven guilty. But we all know this is just BS.
2. As someone here pointed out before, it doesn't make sense to 'try to rape' someone or molest, if you do what Assange does. It doesn't mean he's innocent ofc, but rule 1. should especially apply in this case, because it can easily be smear campaign. That is... the probability of this being smear campaign by US Gov is high.

And probabilities is the only thing you can count on, until you get objective facts. Well... at least it is from my perspective, since I'm not American, and I tasted the injustice of US Gov on my own skin many times.

Comment Re:Time does not exist (Score 1) 578

The 'experience of time' exists, which is enough, because it fulfils it's purpose that way.
Without time/illusion of time, there is nothing. No evolution, no nothing, so you wouldn't sit there writing this, if time didn't exist (at least as an illusion).

Using your logic, nothing exists. Prove me wrong.
It's 'possible' that you'll wake up one day, in completley different 'reality frame' and see that all 'this' was just a dream or something similliar.
Even now, while you dream, you (usually) don't know you'r dreaming, maybe this so called life, is only another 'type' of dream ?

Prove me wrong.

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