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Comment Re:We'll never have a sane debate about nuclear po (Score 1) 380

I'm a technical guy from age ... hm. 5 i think. Been in tech business long time, started professionally when i was 16. in a IT company doing coding and server management. 28 now.

I'm not hating on nuclear tech. I'm hating on fukushima scenarios and then the world that is totally apathetic towards such scenarios. If the price to pay is to pollute this planet (our home btw) even further and more severe, then yeah.. we need to double think what and how we' doing stuff. Even if there's a remote chance of that happening. It's not about being irrational, it's about "hey... sh.t already happened, and we don''t know how to deal with it properly".

When we learn how to contain it (and i don't mean pouring tons of radioactive water a day into ocean for 20 years or whatever as a proper method of containment) then sure. You can build a nuclear plant in every city and village as far as I'm concerned.

We reached a point in our existence when we need to think how we use our knowledge and tech, not just blindly push forward without thinking about long term consequences. 200 years ago there was nothing we could do to harm our habitat. This is the first time in our existence (known) that we can seriously affect "life" in general, long term.

Comment Re:The obvious solution (Score 0) 400

> Oh, wait. If it was modified more then 100 years ago it doesn't count as evil.

That's not it. If it was modified by human experimentation then it counts.. as a potential problem.
By "human experimentation" I don't mean taking two species and leaving stuff for _nature_ to either do it's thing or not do, understand ?
Especially if that "human" is a corporation ... like Monsanto.

Programmers should understand this better. Occasionally I'm amazed that so many tech people are pro-gmo-as-we-know-it. It's a cool thing, but some of us aren't playing games when it comes to our health.

Usually people that said what you said also say something like "gmo is cool because we're running out of food" which is the stupidest thing a smart person can say. We can feed a lot more people. The bigger problem is distribution and allocation, but for this we don't need GMO we need politics and governments that are actually working for the people, and not for themselves and upper 1 % whoever they might be and corporations that are only interested in profit.

Comment Assumptions assumptions (Score 5, Insightful) 918

While does everybody here assume regime used chemical weapons ? Isn't it possible that the "rebels" used chemical weapons to motivate other countries to help them ? I mean if you're losing the "war", it kinda makes sense, unless you believe that those so called rebels over there are morally superior to whoever.

1. There is no proof regime used chemical weapons.
2. Why would regime use chemical weapons ? They're "winning" already..
3. Why would regime use chemical weapons ? The rulling party there is NOT stupid, whatever you may think of them. You think they wouldn't know it would come to this (worldwide condemnation) ?
4. The ruling party have majority of peoples votes. Why would they undermine that ?
5. Why would they allow UN to come inspect the site then shoot at them ? If they wanted to make it impossible for UN team to investigate, there certainly are better ways then using a sniper guy to shoot at them. That tactic is more likely to be used by "rebels".

The people forcing the attack on Syria to happen are the same war mongers that where advocating the attack of Syria months before this chemical bs. Now they're on fire. All over the media.
The same people that where blabbering about Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. I wouldn't put any trust in them.

And I'll tell you this people. The world is starting to get sick (and I'm not talking about European puppet Governments, rather.. the people) of American war mongering, so better keep out of it and deal with your problems instead of going around bombing countries and interfering in other countries business.

Also, will the US and UK exterminate the rebels if it's proven that they used chemical weapons ?
Just my wishful thinking that there's some unbiased justice in the world.

Comment Re:Proud? (Score 1) 1233

The people don't like gays. It's not about Putin, it's about collective mentality.

Now if you gonna be hating on the people... well .. go ahead. But that's why we so f up in the first case. Too much hating.

Comment Re:Smart Criminals (Score 3, Insightful) 179

End consumer (commoners) always end up paying, one way or another, in all situations. Nothing new there.

Sometimes I think that instead of being a obedient sheep, waking up early, working 10 hours and generally being exploited while barely having enough for comfortable "life", I should turn to let's say.. victimless crime*.
I know this is frowned upon by society, but only because those in power are propagating idea that we should be obedient.. so they can keep all the f money and have less competition.
The banks are criminals, the politicians are criminals, the religious leaders are criminals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, governments, etc. In modern world, they just upped it to a new, modern level. It's not corruption same as in 3rd world country, but it still exist just behind the curtains and/or through loopholes they made for themselves.

I know people that acquired wealth by pillaging (literally), smuggling cigarettes and guns. Now they are respected businessmen that have legal businesses, and are hiring you to work 10 hours a day for them while they propagate the idea that doing anything "illegal" is bad. Exactly the same as those mentioned above are doing.
It's all just to keep you in check and under control. Every each one of them are full of it.

(*) = As a programmer, that would be let's say hacking wordpress sites and selling them to someone or using them to make a profit. System Administrators should be happy. This creates jobs for them.

Comment North US and state of human society in 2013 (Score 1) 198

In any case. Look at what's happening on this planet now with governments, governments organizations (nsa, ...) their corporation overlords, etc. You get the point.

Shouldn't it make sense that the world unites and helps Japan fix this problem ? At least the countries that can. I mean radiation is a global problem, not Japanese problem just because it happened in Japan.

Sometimes I think we're so ignorant and ... stupid (even though human race would think it's smart, especially the egotistical CS nerds) that we deserve to be wiped of this planet and replaced with whatever else.

Comment Re:Russia World (Score 1) 254

/sarcasm/ And Americans are known to live in ... "proper reality".
Maybe that idea is true.. only among Americans.

Some NGO's are funded by US SD and have a purpose of "bringing new ideas and influencing opinion of certain groups of people, mostly young ones". Some are not.
NED program is quite controversial. Maybe not in US, since the apparatus that shape your "proper reality" certainly won't be questioning morality of these programs, therefore neither will you. Sad actually, sometimes annoying.

American reality is that when you bomb the sh.t out of some country, Hillary Clinton comes out and says "we did it to free them and bring them democracy".
And you guys actually believe that. That's your reality. The one that the victims and people of those bombing don't share, btw. Neither does the rest of the world.
In the last 50 years, you guys are just running around pushing your dick in other peoples business. This wouldn't be possible without good and powerful media corporations. All other news outlets in other countries are simply copying what 10 of the biggest ones (and all are connected) write. I read news in 3 different languages, and I saw a pattern long time ago.

Putin figured out that you can't have power in the world without media. He copied you guys. That's what the headline should be, not this BS.

I work, btw, for more .. controversial american independent media organization. You certainly ain't seeing pictures of dead children in Yemen on CNN and BBC, on a daily basis. If more of you did, maybe something would actually change.

And no, I'm not Russian. I just get very annoyed by American feeling of (moral,ethical) superiority compared to countries like Russia, China or .. any other. Communist or otherwise.

Comment Re:I wonder when.. (Score 1) 225

> If it is so obviously maybe you'll name this somebody and give examples of this somebody's policies that contradicted those of the American people and the presidents on the way in.

One dude is called Money. Another players are: greed, power, influence, control.

To get real a bit.. the ones that are controlling money and know how everything works. The ones that had their great great great grandpapa do the same long time ago.

From their perspective, you're not important. Imagine how that "royal" child from couple of weeks ago will grow up, and what perspective it will have, being treated like this.
These families think the same. They bloody built cities that you live in, to their liking. They have politicians, judges, corporations, banks and everything that matters in their back pockets. And you think that they will allow you to 'choose' ? Like George Carlin would say, you don't have a choice. You have owners.
The game is rigged. Two wings same bird.

Now you can go around and think that it's like in the movies ("mr. president" as the main man), write a letter, put in a ballot and expect "change". That's your 'choice'. Just don't act all angry and surprised when in 6-7 years somebody blows a whistle again and you hear that AGAIN your gov is doing unconstitutional, illegal stuff like torture, bribery, mass spying programs domestic and foreign, starting wars for the sake of these people (you really think that american politicians have some higher moral code ?), detention camps where people want starve to death rather than live there and what not.

Comment Re:I wonder when.. (Score 4, Insightful) 225

What self destruction ? It seems to me 'they' have a plan for a long time now and it's working out quite well, even with negative publicity.

What's gonna change ? The president. .. ? So what ... the president is a spokesman for somebody, and this ain't tin foil shit, it's obvious to everybody but naive.
Especially if you're looking at America from outside.

Comment Re:People Need to Get Over Themselves (Score 1) 435

So what ? Not everybody in life travels the same road between point A and B. While I agree that you need to work hard, there's luck, chance and coincidence involved as well. Many people are also living in environments where they're talent and ability will get wasted.

Nobody is bitching and whining how they don't' have and others have. They're wining about the decline of middle class / shittier standard of living.

AFAIK, Middle class was never 26400 usd a year, walking/standing 11 hours a day on 30 degrees C. That's not a job, that's modern slavery.
You have for basic expenses, food, housing (forget about owning anything, property can't own) and two days off.

You should be sympathetic, because some of these people, maybe not "successful" financially, but they worked more than you have.
A bit of humility wouldn't hurt as well.

Comment Re:nature and consumers (Score 1) 358

Yeah. It's a question between trusting nature and/or humans. The idea of GMO is ok but that's not a problem.
There may be variables that humans are not aware (yet at least) that can have unexpected consequences. I'm not sure I or my family want to be guinea piggies because monsanto's ex-ceo (or a lobbyists, can't remember) is a current ceo of (US) FDA.

When I buy oranges that are naturally grown, I know what I'm getting.

Everybody is aware that there are stuff that are lethal to humans but at the same time they are not lethal (in fact are nutritious for example) for other species. You seem to talk from a perspective that mother nature/earth should adjust everything to human needs. The stuff that are 'good' for us is a no risk thing.
Onions, apples, oranges, cows, pigs, etc. in their natural form is proven to be part of who we are. We wouldn't be here otherwise, so I know what I'm getting when I'm buying such products. There are hundred thousand years of my ancestory to prove that this is what my body needs. Genetically coded like "this".

GMO ... yeah, the idea is great and should be pursued but not when money and power it's all that matters. The masses usually pay up. With their health in this case.

There's a reason GMO is forbidden in EU and many other countries. /sarcasm/ Must be because of all tin-foil guys running EU.

I'm sorry if you don't have a choice, but there ya go.

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