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Comment Re:People Need to Get Over Themselves (Score 1) 435

So what ? Not everybody in life travels the same road between point A and B. While I agree that you need to work hard, there's luck, chance and coincidence involved as well. Many people are also living in environments where they're talent and ability will get wasted.

Nobody is bitching and whining how they don't' have and others have. They're wining about the decline of middle class / shittier standard of living.

AFAIK, Middle class was never 26400 usd a year, walking/standing 11 hours a day on 30 degrees C. That's not a job, that's modern slavery.
You have for basic expenses, food, housing (forget about owning anything, property can't own) and two days off.

You should be sympathetic, because some of these people, maybe not "successful" financially, but they worked more than you have.
A bit of humility wouldn't hurt as well.

Comment Re:nature and consumers (Score 1) 358

Yeah. It's a question between trusting nature and/or humans. The idea of GMO is ok but that's not a problem.
There may be variables that humans are not aware (yet at least) that can have unexpected consequences. I'm not sure I or my family want to be guinea piggies because monsanto's ex-ceo (or a lobbyists, can't remember) is a current ceo of (US) FDA.

When I buy oranges that are naturally grown, I know what I'm getting.

Everybody is aware that there are stuff that are lethal to humans but at the same time they are not lethal (in fact are nutritious for example) for other species. You seem to talk from a perspective that mother nature/earth should adjust everything to human needs. The stuff that are 'good' for us is a no risk thing.
Onions, apples, oranges, cows, pigs, etc. in their natural form is proven to be part of who we are. We wouldn't be here otherwise, so I know what I'm getting when I'm buying such products. There are hundred thousand years of my ancestory to prove that this is what my body needs. Genetically coded like "this".

GMO ... yeah, the idea is great and should be pursued but not when money and power it's all that matters. The masses usually pay up. With their health in this case.

There's a reason GMO is forbidden in EU and many other countries. /sarcasm/ Must be because of all tin-foil guys running EU.

I'm sorry if you don't have a choice, but there ya go.

Comment Release of documents (Score 1) 159

Ok, so I as an organization do something wrong. Judge orders me to release a documentation about it. What stops me to choose what documents I would release and what documents I would forget/destroy/whatever ?

Everytime I hear about freedom of information and disclosure of documents I'm thinking about this. Especially when it comes to governments which is not the case here.. but the point is still valid.

Or do they have some sort of 'protection' against this, that I'm not aware of ?

Comment Re:Attaboy (Score 1) 1501

relevant part: "But whenever I need to send a patch to him, I tend to be more careful not to make mistakes."

If Linus wasn't so strict he would not be more careful to make mistakes. If he would, he wouldn't write this.

See the difference ?

For me, the softer the environment is, the bigger chance i'm gonna make a mistake.

Comment Re:news for nerds (Score 1) 506

So, news for nerds is strictly about computers, mathematics and shit ? Nerds/Geeks are limited to a point that nothing else interests them ?
Or are you just looking for some mod points ? Because opinion like that...on a site like this - should get you some.
You should look at the whole thing from a slightly different perspective. Nerds news site, that doesn't exclude 'relevant' information even if the same is not nerdy.

Although, when they start talking about Kardashians and Beaver.. I mean, Bieber, I and some others might agree with you.

Comment Re:First post (Score 1) 259

> From what I can tell, our Earth is a veritable jewel in the vastness of space. Our water is abundant, yet we have land, a stable orbit, a stable Sun. And a rich assortment of mineral elements. Its something any entity would greatly treasure. For now, its ours because "they" do not know it exists. If "they" knew about it, would > they claim it was theirs?

Well, maybe our planet would be inhospitable to them. You're assuming that life can only develop in conditions we have here. That might not be true.

At this point, I hope we don't find out. If those aliens don't exterminate us, I wouldn't be surprised if we exterminated them.. for their planet and technology. After all.. aren't we doing that already, on our own planet ? As Carlin would say... We're monkeys with baseball hats and guns.

Comment Re:Harmless? (Score 1) 330

It's not Snowden's action, it's NSA's action..or Obama, Bush.. whoever approved this.

Also, this will not split US and Europe. Europeans where never really in-love with you Americans anyway, but common roots, religion(you would think it doesn't matter...) and.. economy(money) is keeping US and Europe.. close. Economic reasons for the most part.

Finally.. I don't think that Europe wasn't aware of this happening.

Comment Damage (Score 2) 955

And the "damage" done is that the people, finally got informed on what's going on, really. They now need to determine to what extent and what will be needed to remedy the situation. Extradition and severe prosecution after that is a message to all others potential whistleblowers.

Funny how every time there's a " information leak" like this, it reveals that the Gov and/or Companies are doing some bad stuff, and nothing else happens.
They'll not stop surveillance or testing experimental drugs on poor countries children, it will be just swept under the rug and whistleblower put to jail and then they gonna pretend everything is ok, while people will stop caring until it starts directly affecting them and their lives.

Comment Re:When I watched V for Vendetta years ago... (Score 1) 609

The politics/system/whatever is a movement, the "faces" representing that movement are irrelevant. Bush, Obama, Romney.. they only have (real) power on movies.
Did you really figure that out only now ?

You elect Bush, he does bad stuff.. you say ok mothafucka, time to go. You elect Obama. He does bad stuff.. you say the same again. Then you gonna elect somebody else, and the same bloody thing will happen. There's is no such things as electing lesser evil. They are just continuing on the plan.

I don't know what the solution is. It could be even worse, and when it happens.. we'll probably know what to do then.

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