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Comment Damage (Score 2) 955

And the "damage" done is that the people, finally got informed on what's going on, really. They now need to determine to what extent and what will be needed to remedy the situation. Extradition and severe prosecution after that is a message to all others potential whistleblowers.

Funny how every time there's a " information leak" like this, it reveals that the Gov and/or Companies are doing some bad stuff, and nothing else happens.
They'll not stop surveillance or testing experimental drugs on poor countries children, it will be just swept under the rug and whistleblower put to jail and then they gonna pretend everything is ok, while people will stop caring until it starts directly affecting them and their lives.

Comment Re:When I watched V for Vendetta years ago... (Score 1) 609

The politics/system/whatever is a movement, the "faces" representing that movement are irrelevant. Bush, Obama, Romney.. they only have (real) power on movies.
Did you really figure that out only now ?

You elect Bush, he does bad stuff.. you say ok mothafucka, time to go. You elect Obama. He does bad stuff.. you say the same again. Then you gonna elect somebody else, and the same bloody thing will happen. There's is no such things as electing lesser evil. They are just continuing on the plan.

I don't know what the solution is. It could be even worse, and when it happens.. we'll probably know what to do then.

Comment Re:Tip of the iceberg (Score 1) 609

Everybody should do exactly the opposite. They can't arrest everybody. If they try, 10 million people show up demanding to be arrested as well. Then tomorrow, 10 more. Then day after 40 million people go to the white house. I'm exaggerating, yeah, but the point is - unity is the key. Not "don't get involved with anything, stay low". This is how THEY get to be the "zoo keepers".

During the world war 2, 4 german soldiers with 4 guns where taking 200 civilians to the slaughterhouse. Everybody walked 20 kilometers, nobody said a word or try to do anything.
I reckon they where thinking to themselfs the same thing you're thinking now. Keep your head down.. MAYBE everything will be ok. They got slaughtered day after.

Comment Re:Civil involuntary detention (Score 1) 279

Why you don't prove that illuminati or similar IDEA doesn't exist ?

I recently watched a BBC (!!!) documentary about psychology and marketing. Did you know that the "people in power" thought humans are irrational/violent and should be manipulated to become "happiness machines" as mentioned in the documentary. Happiness machines translate to something like apathetic don't-give-a-shit sorry excuse for a human being who will just CONSUME and do what he is told to do and think. (and majority of people are like this.. they're just not aware of it)

They are creating desires then fulfiling these desires to keep you in line.
In Europe, when people lost a way to fulfil their desires they got out on the streets and started burning and behaving like savages. As long as we people have our belly full, our family's belly full - everything is ok. We think we're civilized and smart.

here's the BBC (!!!) documentary.

This ex-marine guy.. he deviated from the plan and started thinking irrationally/violently. They had to 'correct' that. If you had any influence and started spreading anti-gov material (saying that they're bad or they're part of a conspiracy) they would get you too.


Comment ICQ (Score 1) 416

I have a 13 year old ICQ account.. still works great. Same as 13 years ago.
Not very popular with 'common people' though, but I noticed.. nothing except facebook on desktop and line/whatsapp on mobile for chat, is very popular with common people.

Comment i wait (Score 0) 246

I wait firefox v269.
I mean, what's not to like ? 269.. and in 20 years, my child is gonna speak about firefox 18057. Google will be at 20-30 k .. version.

What a bloody joke.

Comment Re:I hope (Score 0) 353

> And I guarantee those people will say vat grown causes everything from cancer to autism. If we don't watch out this will become the next frankenfood scare

If the food is grown 'naturally' then people will not speak about cancer, autism, obesity etc. There's a big difference between this and GMO.
The "frankenfood" is banned in EU and couple of more countries, for a reason (not just the political one), they would ban diet coke as well.. if it wasn't so popular already.

But you don't care about that, do you.

Comment Re: Not a civil war. (Score 1) 68

Then every other country US (and it's allies) indirectly invaded is in fact a civil war of that country.

To quote a wikipedia article on the subject:
"Due to significant involvement, both direct and indirect, of foreign nations and militant groups, the conflict is sometimes described as a proxy war.[442]"

Civil war.. with dozens of countries involved and same number of dodgy groups linked to cia and al-qaida. Right. If it makes you feel better.

Comment Re: Not a civil war. (Score -1, Troll) 68

Well you ought to get a reality-slap.
It's not a civil war. They are fighting al-qaeda affiliated terrorist organizations operating there. Israel bombed them as well couple of days ago.
They(Israel) provide financial support, as well as Britain (and probably US, if not directly, then indirectly.. because US = Great friend of Israel .. just look at those hefty military aid numbers) for those al-qaeda affiliated terrorist organizations (oh my what a irony) known on mainstream media as "rebels". Rebels in context of "people against oppression".

It's a old technique .. .on how to do a regime change indirectly. Quite popular these days.

The only problem they (us,israel,britain) have now.. is that they can't ship weapons directly there, due to international sanctions.
So for now they just supply them with vehicles, technology and money.
If you want citations... google them.

Regarding internet cutoff.. it might also be done by those 'rebels', to make Syria look bad. Here, everybody assumed Syria's government did that, so if the rebels really did do it, they succeeded in the mission.
If that's not the case.. well f it. If they think that's best course of action for their country in wartime.. they might be right.

Comment 300+ (Score 3, Informative) 558

6 packets transmitted, 6 received, 0% packet loss, time 5005ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 313.723/320.220/329.918/4.815 ms

Thailand to US. Sometimes it can be even 400 ms to some US/EU server, but to slashdot is 300. Working over ssh on that kind of latency ... is painful, but one gets used to it.

Internet is good here, it's just that US/EU is so far away.. not as far as moon, but still..

Comment Re:Fragile. (Score 1) 414

Well I don't care who speaks. But this sound like a propaganda message to me.

In any case, earth existed long before we came on it, and it will probably exist long after we're gone. It's a miracle what it can survive. What can't survive on it is human race. It don't care about holes in the atmosphere, extreme heat, flooding or extreme winters. We do.
So go figure. Who is making changes and who's gonna suffer the consequences.

No matter who can say no matter what.

And the biggest problem is, is that I think Stephen Hawking IS aware of this shit, and he still, for the public, says something like this. You should worry about that, not about the planet exploding because of plastic bags and smoke.

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