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Comment Re:Robots Randroids? (Score 1) 360

Assume my income is high enough that I'm not only paying for the services I receive but that I'm also paying extra. Please explain to me how I'm not being forced to be charitable - and while you're at it, explain to me what ultimately happens if I refuse to 'donate' this extra amount. You've got the most creative use of the word 'disincentivized' of anyone I've ever seen. :)

Semantics aside, this report is actually pretty cool.

Comment Re:And that (Score 1) 203

Define 'good money' and someone will still decide that they're worth more. Besides, there's no evidence that a developer leaked it intentionally. If that were the case, I would have expected to see the source code likewise leaked. Rather, my guess would be that it was leaked by someone who was given a dev copy. Now whether this leak was intentional or inadvertent is another matter altogether.

Comment Re:openFOAM (Score 1) 105

openFOAM is far too advanced for a basic intro to CFD. If you're hell-bent on introducing CFD in software form, you might be best off writing a simple fluid simulator and wrapping it with OpenGL or something. If you do incompressible flow with a simple structured mesh and a few editable parameters, you could probably be done in a few hours. And if you can't.. well, perhaps you aren't the right person to introduce such an advanced topic to highschoolers :)

Comment Re:EBay does this all the time (Score 1) 1204

The volume of transactions on eBay makes it difficult for police to prosecute specific cases for a variety of reasons, but the most common is manpower and the issue of jurisdiction. However, when police have a well-publicized instance a crime occurring in a specific area with already known suspects (in your case, the police would have needed to attempt to find the person whose phone was lost before proceeding) with key details being admitted by the suspect prior to the involvement of police, then you can damn well bet that there's going to be action. To think otherwise is simply naive.

Comment Re:It's too late... (Score 1) 1204

You feel that prosecuting someone who knew full well that they were committing a felony is akin to an Apple police state? That's a foolish correlation. 'Journalists' don't have any more protection from criminal charges than does the common Joe - and if this case is what makes it clear, then great. Most journalism students get a course in law during their studies as it pertains to their professional; bloggers don't. That doesn't make give bloggers a carte blanche to break laws in pursuit of their stories.

Comment OnLive customers are ISPs, not players. (Score 1) 80

I just don't see a way for OnLive to guarantee any sort of decent QoS over the Internet, but I think it's doable if their business model is instead to license their tech to ISPs who then in turn solicit customers. How many of us have > 20ms pings to our ISP? I'd wager not many. Combine that with the size of a typical pipe between an ISP and a consumer, and it's probably entirely doable. Either that, or they hope to score a buyout from one of the big guys before their VCs realize they've bought into vapourware.

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