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Comment Re:Malwarebytes (Score 1) 353

I'm not sure I have the exact malware described in the summary, but I think it is. Its been on there for about 2 months. Malwarebytes manages to find usually around 20-40 things on my computer; I'm assuming they're all part of this program. Anyway, it removes them, then when I run another scan I see that whatever was deleted was just replaced by more malware. I can't get rid of this thing! Should I try running Malwarebytes in Safe Mode? I'm worried if this virus is phoning home.

Comment Re:Doesn't look finished to me (Score 1) 898

I understand your rant, especially in regards to how Vista's performance is probably hindered by all the flashiness. But I think there is something to be said in regards to having a zen-like desktop environment. I understand why the Mac interface appeals to people, and its not all about just being hip and trendy. I plan on buying a Macbook fairly soon to complement my Windows machine. One I'll use for gaming and general internet use (PC), the other will be for music and video editing (Mac). I think there's a certain subconcsious state I like to be in when I work on my creative projects, and I just like the was Mac OS works and looks. It feels very modern, clean, and sterile. I don't get that feeling with Windows. And really, you can't expect Microsoft to stick with an old-looking interface and risk losing more marketshare to Apple. The mainstream populace cares more about what's popular, not necessarily what's more functional or practical. How else could a business sell a plain white t-shirt with a Tommy Hilfiger logo for $50.00? Or an iPod for several hundred dollars for that matter? (someone literally just mentioned an iPod nano in my office after I typed this.) Eventually Apple is going to catch up with Microsoft once they've convinced enough people. If MS doesn't have the right look by then, they're going to get passed up, whether the OS is better or not.

Comment Re:OH NO (Score 1) 379

To be honest, there are a few shows I like on Comedy Central like DS and CR, and if I'm flipping through the channels and Ninja Warrior or that Bansuki show (whatever its called.. the other crazy obstacle course show) I'll watch. Although that might be G4. G4 and Spike are pretty much the same channel, so I get confused. Anyway, point I was about to make is that I usually catch these shows online anyway.

Comment Re:They could take this a huge step further (Score 1) 65

I'm not sure you could make that device. When I saw the video last week, the first thing I thought of was whether or not it would be possible to create in LBP. However, I imagine that there are several layers of gears within that box, more than the seven layers the game lets you use. Maybe not, though. Either way, you'd need some kind of blueprint to start with.

Comment Re:They could take this a huge step further (Score 1) 65

Gears do, in fact work, its just a lot of trial and error. The cogs that you can win in the game work, but I wanted to create my own gears for an elevator design. Basically I have this elevator that looks a bit like a spine. There are nubs that stick out the sides that fit inbetween the gear teeth, which pushes the spine upwards. I made a gear by just winging the angles and it worked on my first try. There are some parts where it gets a little rough and shaky, but it does work. If those rough parts lasted a bit longer, I imagine my pieces would break, but as it stands there's just enough time for it to orient itself before breaking apart.

Comment Re:Disagree on the user generated content (Score 1) 81

Are you saying that the console versions of Quake and Half-Life included map editors? I heard something about Far Cry 2 possibly having a map editor bundled, but I never looked into it. Console gaming has traditionally shyed away from editors, unlike the PC, so games like LBP are actually a pretty big deal and will probably spearhead a new push in console gaming for user-generated content going forward.

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