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Comment Re: approximately the resolution of an adult eye @ (Score 2) 217

While 538PPI might be a bit overkill on a classical phone, those same screens are also used in the latest round of virtual reality headsets and they have still a long way to go before they get anywhere near human vision limits. And to go even further, Nvidia has demoed some microlens lightfield glasses a while a go and those need even more resolution then a classical headset display and who knows, if resolution keeps growing, having a lightfield display in your phone might actually start to become viable (meaning you could have a real 3D with proper focus, could hold your phone close to your face to use it as VR glasses and other funky sci-fi stuff).

Comment Re:0.19 (Score 1) 140

yeah. the name is juvenile. just like windows. i mean - how will i find that on altavista? and macintosh. i mean it'll just hide among all the apple varieties of the same name. or what about android? all i'll find is robot porn instead. oh and a galaxy note... note.. gee - i won't find anything outside of a bunch of pictures of paper. or a galaxy gear.. i'll just find cogs all over.

you really know nothing about naming. names evoke ideas and concepts in someones head. a name is inspirational to most. the easier it is to remember (eg is a word they already know) the more easily they attach to it. if they have to remember "xfwm" or "ctwm" ... they will have a far harder time remembering it. "someone told me about this awesome window manager last weekend called f something... bunch of nonsensical letters" but if it's enlightenment.. they remember as the word itself is a unit of knowledge where fvwm is 4 units of knowledge. the word enlightenment will likely be associated with a concept or images, but twm will not.

seemingly a vast swathe of professionals in marketing agree on naming this way in the past, and still do. just SOME examples above.

but who am i kidding. this is slashdot. actual facts cited are irrelevant. trolling with an exaggerated personal opinion is the order of the day.

Comment Re:Dubious commercial prospects (Score 2) 100

already had very low persistence (60Hz display refresh, same as the new OR, but horrid resolution)

"Persistence" in this case doesn't just mean a higher refresh rate, but the time the image is on the display. With a classical LCD the image is on the display all the time, that's ok when you read text on a monitor, however for VR this leads to artifacts. When the image is on all the time and you move your head your eyes will receive an incorrect image until the next frame shows up, this leads to a lot of blurring and judder. With low persistence on the other side a frame is just flashed for a short amount and then the display goes black again (kind of like a CRT), meaning your eyes will receive always the right information and the judder and blur disappear. The black in between frames is filtered away by your brain. Abrash has some nice blog entries on the topic.

Comment The real story (Score 1) 653

fluke multimeters are about a 100 bucks
Cheap ones that are readily available on ebay (you don't need sparkfun) are under 30

so, the real reason is that fluke is desperate to stop the loss of market share; each multimeter spark notes sells for 15 bucks is a potential 100 dollar sale that fluke lost

Comment Re:Dubious commercial prospects (Score 1) 100

Because the "wind in the sails" probably isn't as strong as you think.

Sony is now building their own VR headset for the PS4 with Project Morpheus, Valve already has VR support build into Steam, plenty of games started adding VR support and in the last year more virtual reality demos got produced then in the previous 20 years. Hard to tell how long the wind it will hold, but it's orders of magnitude stronger then what we had 20 years ago. It's also not limited to games, the current DevKit1, with all it's problems, is already used in a few non-game instalations, virtual fashion shows, movies, porn all that stuff. Also the nausea problems with VR have only recently been fixed with proper positional tracking and low persistence displays, something no previous consumer VR display had and that is critical for mass adoption. Given that the hype has been constantly growing ever since the first prototype was revealed almost two years ago, I doubt that VR will just fade away again, people want it, the price is cheap enough and it provides an experience that can't be provided by any other available technology.

Comment Whut up, Yo? (Score 1) 7

Whut up, yo? Mostly moved to Twitter... You have an account... why don't I see you there much?

Comment Re:Linux sales figures (Score 1) 132

You're saying that GoG has games on multiple platforms but you only get one platform's install when you buy the game?

No, I am saying that you get two. If I buy for example Strike Suit Zero on GoG I get Mac and Windows versions. If I buy it on Steam I get Mac, Windows and Linux versions. GoG simply doesn't offer Linux versions, even if they exist and the developers are willing to provide them. GoG so far has completely refused to offer any Linux support at all, even so there is absolutely no reason to not have that in this day and age. See also this popular wishlist item:

Comment What software can handle multiple HDDs well? (Score 1) 983

Simply going for multiple USB HDDs seems to be the obvious option (cheap, extendable, can be stored offsite and offline, etc.). However what would be some good Free Software to actually handle the backup? Common solutions such as duplicity, rsync, rdiff-backup, etc. all seem to assume that your backup target directory can hold the whole backup all at once and that the whole backup is online at the same time. While one can probably hack something together with union mounts to accomplish that, it seems like a very cumbersome and fragile solution.

Is there anything that allows you to just copy the data to a HDD and then plug-in a new one when the old one is full? Preferably in a data-format that is robust enough to handle some backup HDDs dieing without destroying the data on the other drives (i.e. no incremental changes across HDDs).

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