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Comment It's all about the use case (Score 1) 414

For phones, sure, we are reasonably close at hitting diminishing returns. But when it comes to Google Glass, the Oculus Rift or augmented and virtual reality in general we are nowhere near at hitting it. It will probably take 20K screens 2 inch in size before we hit diminishing returns there. Nvidia also just demoed a few nifty light field displays that would need even more resolution then a classical 2D display, so that's out even further.

Also lets not forget about our good old monitors at home, 4K monitors are finally back on the market, but still far from having any kind of mass market penetration and when it comes to big curved monitors, you'd probably need 8K or 16K before you are done.

Comment Re:in soviet russia (Score 1) 163

no in the US you would line up wait 45 minutes to have your colon inspected by an under-qualified walmart employee, then get on the train, someone would fart, you'd all jump thinking its terrorists and the train would be unloaded and station shutdown for 3-4 months while a full investigation was launched into the 'biological weapons' used in the attack. Then you would invade some 3rd world country thats rich in resources illegally detain hundreds or even thousands of them making sure to thuroughly humiliate them publicly and then after 5-10 years declare victory and assuring people that the biological weapons used will no longer pose a threat to america. inevitably outlawing public flatulence as some form of treason

Score +1 Depressing but true

Comment Re:Upgrades and backward compatibility (Score 1) 479

You'll do have to take care about a whole lot of compatibility issues when you want to deploying something that should run on IE6, but still, even then, the actual deployment of an HTML app is still vastly easier then trying to deploy a regular application across as many platforms as do support HTML.

Try to imagine the web wouldn't run in your web browser, but would instead come in the form of .deb packages that you "apt-get install" or setup.exe files you'd have to double click. The experience of a web implemented via the means of classical desktop software would be so terrible it would be unbearable.

Comment Upgrades and backward compatibility (Score 2) 479

I think "learning from the old masters" really isn't the problem. It's not that we don't have lots of smart people writing software. I think the core problem is that we haven't figured out how to do upgrades and backward compatibility properly, which the old masters haven't figured out either. You can go and develop a HTML replacement that is better and faster, sure, but now try to deploy it. Not only do you have to update billions of devices, you also have to update millions of servers. Good luck with that. It's basically impossible and that's why nobody is even trying it.

In a way HTML/Javascript is actually the first real attempt at trying to solve that issue. As messed up as it might be in itself, deploying a HTML app to billion of people is actually completely doable, it's not even very hard, you just put it on your webserver and send people a link. Not only is it easy, it's also reasonably secure. Classic management of software on the desktop never managed to even get near that ease of deploying software.

If software should improve in the long run we have to figure out a way how to make it not take 10 years to add a new function to the C++ standard. So far we simply haven't. The need for backward compatibility and the slowness of deploying new software slows everything to a crawl.

Comment Re: FRAUD ALERT! Ignorant person wants attention. (Score 2) 163

Slahdot mobile has broken again. No way to copy text on an iPhone, no quote button

To answer your points. Much of mpscows subway has 4g (and aircon) underground. The bbc did a live broadcast with a live-u a couple of months ago.

Your main point though, People do not wrap their phones in tinfoil.

Comment Re:Alternatives? (Score 1) 239

You forgot

*ammo box revolt

That's what it's going to take to get liberty back on top of the pile again.

No, you and your gun nut whackos will be taken out and the 99% that don't give a flying fsck will carry on as normal.

To use the ammo box successfully, you need a good portion of the country behind you. Get the administration to cancel American Idle and you'll have a chance

Comment The NYC subway serves multiple types of users (Score 1) 124

Most of the stations - esp in S Brooklyn, outer Queens and The Bronx, serve mainly commuters and New Yorkers ( I mean seriously, how many tourists go up to see the hall of famous americans in The Bronx ? or the Bronx Zoo ? or the Brooklyn Museum ? (fabulous Egyptian collection btw)
Tourists need mainly manhattan, and the existing map does ok; the main problem is the multiplicity of trains on the tracks - local and express
If you are a serious tourist, get a Guide Michelin, or whatever the e-quivalent is; it will tell you what to do to get to the Brooklyn Museum, or the Morris Jumel Mansion, or Lydig ave, or...

Anyway, I assume that like me, many of you have been in London/Paris etc, and I seem to recall from my long ago student days that relying on the subway map often led to long, unexpected walks.

Comment Re:Don't forget (Score 1) 297

no that was the nid a fictional department made for civilian over site of military secrets

Fictional. Right.

You do realise Stargate chronicled the real life actions of the US Air Force, they leaked enough of the program to create the film, then tv show, to act as plausable deniability.

They then leaked the fact they leaked it and they came up with Wormhole Extreme.

Comment Re:What a surprise (Score 1) 329

You are an idiot. There are plenty of sites advocating the abolition of the monarchy, and plenty of sites advocating the end of Parliamentary democracy and its replacement with fascism, communism, anarchism, Trotskyism, take your pick.

The courts have spoken and they disagree with the previous poster. What they say counts, and if you can't be bothered to read the judgment I referred to that's your problem.

Comment Re:What a surprise (Score 3, Informative) 329

That post is not remotely correct.

Some of the items on the list are laws enacted after the Human Rights Act, but they are not exceptions to it - the Human Rights Act has priority.

Others - sedition and advocating the abolition of the monarchy - were criminal offences two hundred years ago, but there have been no prosecutions in recent times and the courts have acknowledged that the idea any prosecution would survive an HRA challenge is "unreal" (see Lord Steyn's judgment in the ex parte Rushbridger case).

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