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Comment Re:Allegedly Venezuela By Way of Cuba (Score 1) 536

very, very narrow definition in the US

So narrow that not even a serving military officer selling US made weapons to a group that had killed over a hundred US marines less than a year previously (Hezbolla), via a declared enemy of the United States (Iran), doesn't count as treason.

Ahh yes

Stan: In the 80s there was Cold War drama.

We fought the Commies inside Nicaragua.

Our friends were the Contras. Freedom was their mantra.

So we sent them lots of money for guns and landmines.

But Congress stopped the Contra money flow

Just 'cause they moved a teeny bit of blow.

But then a hero came forth.

His name was Oliver North.

He and Reagan went around the sissy Congress.


Stan (speaking): You see, North secretly sold missiles to a harmless country called Iran who would always be a grateful ally. Then he gave the profits to the Contras. Genius!

Stan: But the sales were uncovered by the press.

Contras: Awwww.

Press: He he.

Stan: Reagan and North began to stress.

Reagan: Well...

North: Nyaay!

Stan: 'Cause what they did was technically high treason! (But it was totally justified.)

Stan: North volunteered to take the blame,

to save Reagan from prison rape shame.

The truth he did bury with his hot secretary.

Thanks to her shredder, he got off totally scot-free!


He's a soldier!

And a hero!

And a novelist!

And now he's on Fox News!

Comment Re:BBC and NYT confirm this news (Score 1) 536

The BBC and the New York Times also have articles reporting the Edward Snowden has left Hong Kong on a flight to Moscow.

You realise all news organisations use the same sources? Certainly the Bbc didn't have anyone on the plane (not enough notice I guess, even if they had someone that could transit in Russia without a visa).

It's like the old tale, channel A report a rumour, channel b repeat it, channel a report that it's confirmed based on channel b's report.

Comment Re:Guy deserves getting beaten (Score 0) 188

The state doesn't post videos of peoples on the Internet for shits and giggles and companies like Google take quite some effort to blur everybody faces before publishing anything. Furthermore the problem with this guy isn't even the camera, if he would just walk around and stare at people he would get pretty much the same reaction. So all he is showing is essentially that people get aggressive when you violate social norms. Surveillance on the other side doesn't really do that, England is full of cameras, yet reports on people going crazy because of it are extremely rare, a surveillance camera in the background will simply get ignored by people assuming that they even notice it in the first place.

Comment Re:Waste of money, period. (Score 1) 285

Sending someone to Mars is a complete waste of money in the short term. As is finding water or even signs of life on that planet.

And before you jump down my throat about bullshit such as Space R&D leads to beneficial offshoot technology, realize that we do not need to spend $100 Billion dollars to send someone to Mars with the offshoot of having a better memory foam for our mattresses, new flavor of Tang, or a more grippy version of Velcro.

$100 billion is about 12 hours of earth's output, It's peanuts.

If money could solve the energy crisis, it would be solved.

Comment Re:They're making friends like nobody's business! (Score 1) 243

What was the problem with unloading Symphony on consulting support based upon LibreOffice? Given that this is a business they want to be rid of, I would expect they would not need to bolt proprietary stuff on to it any longer.

Regarding MariaDB support, I think you're correct that they're treating it as a competitor. This wasn't really the case for MySQL. IBM provided a supported version of MySQL.

Comment Re:They're making friends like nobody's business! (Score 1) 243

IBM is most visible around Apache OpenOffice. What they are doing around MySQL v. MariaDB is tacit support through inaction. They didn't turn to supporting MariaDB or another MySQL version when Oracle de-supported MySQL on IBM platforms. They did something similar during Oracle v. Google - they chose just that time to abandon the Harmony project and commit to Oracle's JDK.

Comment Re:good (Score 3, Informative) 243

If they own the copyright, they are free to relicense a piece of data

Sorry to be pedantic, but replace "a piece of data" with "a work of authorship". If there isn't the creative work of a human being involved, it's not copyrightable. And then we get to this:

17 CFR 102(b) In no case does copyright protection for an original work of authorship extend to any idea, procedure, process, system, method of operation, concept, principle, or discovery, regardless of the form in which it is described, explained, illustrated, or embodied in such work.

And that means that even when the hand of man is involved, a lot of things are still not copyrightable.

Comment They're making friends like nobody's business! (Score 3, Interesting) 243

Let's look at what Oracle is doing. I'll start the list of moves that appear to be intended to alienate the community around the very software they're promoting and cause the Open Source community to create viable forks that end up absconding with the product and its market. You guys contribute additional examples...

  • Oracle v. Google regarding Java and the premise that APIs are copyrightable.
  • Apache OpenOffice v. LibreOffice (which has a full-time negative publicity generator in Rob Weir).
  • MySQL v. MariaDB.

IBM isn't known for dumb moves, but partnering with Oracle on this sure is one.


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