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Comment Re:What will Cameron do then? (Score 1) 227

As a parent, I resent this comment.

I have two children, both were born within 10 months of deciding to have them (apparently we are pretty potent). I would say that we, as parents, understand sex as a reproductive instrument pretty well.

That's why he said the word often, rather than always. You made a decision to have children. I did the same thing. Most of my peers were the same.

However a large number of children are unplanned. Not necessarily because the parents didn't know how to prevent conception, but that they didn't want to.

Comment Re:What will Cameron do then? (Score 1) 227

Care to expand?

Any site claiming that the tories are bad and labour is the answer is of course allowed.
Any site claiming that labour is bad and the tories are the answer is also allowed.

One needs the illusion of choice, and a healthy dose of I'm a celebrity, to keep the masses happy.

Comment Does it work at all? (Score 5, Funny) 227

So I'm on BT, and like most people I've replaced the terrible "home hub" with a simple 4 router solution, 5G backbone to distribute wired around the house, single 2.4G AP for non-wired devices, OSPF to manage it all.

It's connected upstream to the VDSL via a pppoe (username, no password), and the central DNS proxy uses either or upstream.

I've spent the morning scientifically browsing lots of porn sites, and haven't found a single one blocked. A google search for "porn" reveals the following sites on the first attempt, all work just fine.

The search also brings up the following site

Which is blocked as being morally unwelcome in my house.

What am I doing wrong?

Comment Re:Remember TEMPEST? (Score 2, Insightful) 264

The "audio" in question is most likely all below 24 kHz, that being the Nyquist limit for the 48 kHz sampling hardware, unless it happens that some phones can actually sample faster, and have microphones that can respond to higher frequencies.

The instruction rate of the CPUs in question is many times that frequency.

It doesn't sound likely.

Comment Remember TEMPEST? (Score 5, Interesting) 264

TEMPEST was a details-secret government requirement meant to defeat means of eavesdropping on classified computer data from its electromagnetic emissions. I guess they need to include audio too.

My impression is that the noise comes from the power supply, not the CPU. I can certainly hear it with some computers, and it is related to work on the video card in my experience. I'm astonished that you can actually pull data from that, and in fact I'd like to see independent confirmation before I believe it.

Comment Re:Of course, he'll have affluenza (Score 1) 547

Median household income in the US is somewhere around $52,000.

But median household income for a family with kids at an age to go to uni is higher, as
1) it's not skewed downwards by retirees
2) it's not skewed downwards by people on their first job
3) it's not skewed downwards by single-earner households

Comment Re:Of course, he'll have affluenza (Score 1) 547

it's just a divide and conquer that the truely rich like to put out there.

I'm really sick of people who make more than 10 times as much as me whining about how they're not truly rich. $150K/yr is rich, even if it's not uber-rich.

I suggest you get a job. If you're on $7,500 a year, you're on $4.50 an hour based on a 35 hour week for 48 weeks a year.

$150k for a typical household is $75k each, which is not "rich" in comparision to the rest of the country, or western world. Obviously $7500 a year is rich compared to people in Burundi.

Comment Re:Of course, he'll have affluenza (Score 1) 547

Close.. but not exactly.

Try a median of 51k.

However that median is brought down by young kids who don't have children who go to university.

The typical wage earners in a family that send their kids to university will be arround the 45-55 mark (having had the kids around 25-35)

On top of that the typical parents of a kid at uni will live in a 2-wageearner households, where the median wage will be pulled down by 1 wage earner households.

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