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Comment Re:Er, wait, what? (Score 5, Insightful) 140

Well, nuclear reactions that we can turn off like laser-initiated fusion are a lot nicer than the alternatives. The inside of your car engine is a raging inferno shot with electric sparks and compressed with inexorable steel cylinders. That doesn't keep you from going on a nice drive with your sweetie.

Comment Re:Not this shit again (Score 2) 754

So, the guy didn't learn from the Industrial Revolution (and revolutions since) that all the fear of 'no more jobs for anyone' ended up being unfounded?

That is unless you were a horse. I don't see all that many horses employed any more, there are still a tiny few jobs left for horses, but for most part the talents that a horse provided has been completely replaced with machines, leaving the horse job less. With humans it's going to take a little longer till all our talents can be replaced by machines, but I don't see any reason to assume that won't happen and that we will end up just as jobless as the horses.

Comment Re:Computer ? Website ? (Score 3, Insightful) 516

Silly question, but... what happens when you want to apply and you don't have a computer ? Surely, by definition, a sizable portion of the population that requires Obamacare doesn't necessarily have the means to have a computer or an internet connection.

And no, "anybody has a computer these days" is not an answer. I know plenty of people who don't have enough to feed themselves, let alone buy a computer - let alone one that's recent enough to cope with plugins that invariably tell you "your operating system / browser is not supported anymore, please upgrade." every 6 months.

Do you have libraries in america?

Comment Re:How it should be + story in the philippines (Score 1) 330

In the Philippines, guards are hired everywhere, and I mean everywhere. They cost no more than $3/day and they will guard your shop or whatever you tell them to guard with a gun, possibly a shotgun or automatic rifle. People normally don't mess with these folks, particularly when they are in malls, at every store and so on... Of course, you can't do the same in the US because paying a guard $3/day is unrealistic with high minimum wage laws (they still survive just fine over there btw).

Food over there costs 50 cents a day
Rent over there costs 25 cents a day
Things are cheaper.

Pay someone $600 a year in the U.S. and they will die.

Bribing over there is very common, even I have done it to get papers processed faster.

If you're british, that's now illegal. If you employ someone that then bribes on your behalf, that's still illegal. Doesn't matter how common or essential it is. There is a defence about (i.e. if you're at a checkpoint - even an official one - and the guy with the AK47 is demanding a "window cleaning tax" or something to let you past, pay away)

Comment Re:Changing culture (Score 1) 330

a) Doesn't work (for reducing offenses, it's great for revenue)

It needn't be money. In England, the fine isn't that much money (£60), but if you are caught four times in three years (for small excesses) you are then banned from driving. The more severe the offence the more quickly you can lose your license. If you've not had a license for long it's also easier to lose, and you might be required to pay for more lessons.

Yet in England I drove up to Cumbria on Sunday and the satnav hit 95mph. There's very few police patrols around.

Cameras will catch people breaking (an arbitrary) speed limit of 70mph (assuming they don't have false plates), but they won't catch the tailgater at 69 in the fog with no lights on.

Comment Re:Changing culture (Score 1) 330

You missed the point. No one wants slower traffic. They want fewer muggings (in the given example).

Noone wants slower traffic, but many people want fewer accidents (currently running at about 11x 9/11 per year), and many of those think that lower speed limits are the way to do it.

However that's beside the point. In the U.S. your community has a direct influence on the local police department, as you appoint the head directly via a direct election. You have more of a say than when you appoint the president -- both because the political machine is smaller scale, and because you actually vote directly.

Get enough people to vote for a police chief that will put patrols on the street and you win. This should be easy if everyone wants fewer muggings.

America is great -- you are effectively a shareholder in the police corporation. If the majority of shareholders want to change direction, they can.

Comment Re:Kind of on topic (Score 1) 232

The core problem is that you record a video in 1080x1920 which is then scaled down to 608x1080 to fit into a horizontal player, thus you lose information. The trivial fix would be to simply not squish vertical video into a horizontal player, instead play it in a vertical player, thus preserving all the image detail.

Comment Re:Poor Mattthew Garrett (Score 5, Informative) 88

I stopped working on Ubuntu because decisions were increasingly being made internally rather than anywhere that volunteer contributors could influence them. The "Click here to instantly break your mouse" thing was just the final straw. There's a component to the story that involves beer and a hilarious reply vs. reply all error on an iPhone, but I don't remember it being about anyone siding with Scott - there's a picture somewhere of me deactivating my Ubuntu membership a few minutes after sending , which hardly gave them time to.

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