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Comment Re:Security begins with Linux (Score 1) 176

How did you download that copy of OpenBSD? ISO or sources?

You can view the fingerprint from an anonymous login, and use it to verify your ISO.

How far up/down the chain are you willing to trust? Here is hoping that the manufacturer of your motherboard didn't slip something in as well!

Yes, that's a good point. If you are willing to run one of the small handful of motherboards for which coreboot is a simple recipe, that's one answer.

Comment Re:Neat idea. (Score 1) 76

What irks me more is that the Pi has issues with quite a few USB hubs.

Have you performed any of the modifications intended to address the issues with USB power delivery? Sure, it shouldn't matter if you're using a powered hub, but have you tried?

The big problem with the Pi is that its USB is defective, and everything hangs off the USB. Great plan. Better buy a Cubieboard or the new Beaglebone. Hopefully Canonical will fulfill their promise of Mir supporting arbitrary Android video drivers, and then those who don't need GPIO (perhaps choosing to hang an Arduino or similar off of USB to handle realtime tasks) will be able to use Ouya or another similarly high-powered STB to run Linux. (Anyone had an ODROID-U2 for long enough to tell us if they really meant it when they gave it a four week warranty?)

Comment Re:Neat idea. (Score 1) 76

If you're trying to say that you can't power a hub from a wall-wart, plug the hub into the Pi as a hub, and then also run a power cable from the hub to the Pi, then you're wrong. I've done it with one of those world's-cheapest four-port USB2 hubs that has the molded foot-long pigtail and the really square transparent case. I'm not doing it now — a $5-6 boost-buck DC-DC converter found on eBay will let you run your Pi on practically anything that will deliver enough current.

Comment Re:umm... (Score 1) 115

OK now you are dismissive AND arrogant. Good work, I am more concerned about you and your field of endeavor than I was when this started.

The fact that genomic research HAS enabled the ability to engineer organisms that can be extremely dangerous, and can potentially be dangerous to only targetted groups is intensely intertwined with all the beneficial advances in the field. You simply can't separate the two and pretend the dark side isn't there.

Genomics is simply a very dangeorus field. Its given an ethically challenged species the ability to play god and tamper with life itself. Its just a matter of time until someone will tamper with it and it wont end well.

"Yes, I singled out rednecks and skinheadsâ¦"

There wasn't even a tinge of humor in it, not sure why you are claiming there was.

You are engaging in the very kind of stereotyping and targeting of groups you've been preaching against and dismissing. And to pile on you just added a bunch more groups you hold in contempt and would probably just as soon seen wiped off the face of the earth.

Its the kind of bigotry a well educated, probably liberal, affluent person such as yourself would refuse to accept as bigotry. It doesn't really bother me that you are doing it. It bothers me you don't seem to even realize you are doing it.

Comment Re:Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. (Score 1) 197

Anyone is free to make a Scrabble clone as long as it doesn't look so similar to the original that people would think it is authorized by the company that owns the original.

If the board doesn't look like a Scrabble board, if it doesn't have the same number of squares, and the same bonus tiles in the same position, then it's not a Scrabble clone at all.

Comment Re:what a waste of time (Score 1) 139

If you connect a keyboard to it, its a shitty PC. Why not use a real PC?

No, it is a tablet with a keyboard. There are lots of reasons why not to use a "real" PC (as if a tablet weren't a personal computer... they are turing-complete, HTH, HAND) notably including power consumption and footprint. If the user rarely uses a keyboard, it is reasonable to omit it.

Comment Re:Open Research... (Score 1) 311

You just have to look at the settling of the americas to realize how many people are willing to do something like this.

I would bet on hundreds of thousands so tens of thousands is a certainty.

Why die in a pointless war or of obesity at home when you could be one of a few thousand settlers on the moon or mars? To many, that would give their life meaning.

Purposeless is worse than death to many.

Comment Re:Open Research... (Score 1) 311

Funny you should say that.

As a long term manager, I was trying to retain staff but the message from the executives was wierd- like they didn't care about retention after never having had a layoff and always selling the idea that we would temporarily staff with contractors but then let them go after big projects..

After three years of the work, they let go of 80% of the employees and we found out the layoffs had been planned 2 years previously (at least- that's when the paperwork was in legal- so probably the idea to lay us off had been close to three years old).

Other SAP companies have done this too in our area. So it appears to be a gameplan. Work existing staff to death- let most of them go and go to an outsourcing/offshoring firm for support after the project is complete.

Of course -- in this case, the project is failing so horribly that it's not complete when they let everyone go and the offshoring firm turns out to not have enough SAP people to backfill. Not sure the project wont' fail spectacularly. More likely, they'll find someway to declare failure success and move on.

Comment Re:Open Research... (Score 1) 311

70-80 hour weeks.

One person just laid down and died (40's). Stroke.
Two people had heart attacks.
There was a 4th person who was unconcious at his desk but he was a contractor and we never heard what happened to him.

Last big project we had a guy in his 30's die from a virus getting across the blood/brain barrier. Doctors said if he hadn't been so exhausted and hadn't kept working he wouldn't have died.

Project size was about 400 staff- people I'm referring to who died were 40's and 50's. We also had some in their 60's die but I don't attribute those to the SAP project. We also had a few cancers and a few non fatal heart attacks. I agree with your underlying point that a certain amount of people do just die.

You can't work people 70-80 hours for multiple years without having deaths that could have been avoided. I saw 20 year olds walking around with two black eyes from lack of sleep. My own blood pressure went up 40 points during that period. Two months we worked the entire month including sundays. 15 hour days were common. And oncall on top of that.

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