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Comment Re:Full service (Score 1) 865

Thanks for this post, it reminded me of something.

When I visited a friend in Texas he took us to a very cool theater called The Movie Tavern which is somewhat similar to what you described.

There is a bar table in front of each row of seats, along with waitresses, good food, and alcohol to enjoy the movies with. I always thought there should be something like that here in Colorado, and according to the Alamo Drafthouse website (Which Qzukk posted in reply to you) it looks like there is one coming soon to Littleton, CO.

Comment Re:Netflix (Score 1) 713

As an apartment dweller, whenever I see the option of using USPS for an order I will use them over UPS or Fedex. Although I only have one overly negative experience with UPS, the small frustrations of missing a delivery because I wasn't there to receive it happen nearly every time. Since I live in an apartment complex, they refuse to leave packages on my doorstep, which is fine because I've had a package stolen when the UPS man left a box in front of my door before. But, I inevitably have to have the package held for will-call at the nearest UPS center so that I can pick it up myself. Otherwise, you can bet they will attempt to deliver and fail at around the same time the next day since you will probably still not be home.

As far as USPS is concerned, if I think that the package I'm ordering will fit in my mailbox or in the larger package mailboxes, I'll pick USPS every time. If I lived in a house (in a good neighborhood) I would not be as biased towards them, because I've seen where Fedex and UPS commonly leave packages tucked away near the door somewhere unless it requires a signature.

Comment Re:Actually... (Score 1) 639

The wealthiest people hire the most expensive people to do their taxes and handle their finances, that's why we see them getting out of paying their fair share of taxes. The middle class is just about the only portion of the population who ends up paying their share of the taxes as intended, since people in low enough tax brackets either get money back or pay a very small amount when it comes to income taxes. No one is proposing any kind of populist tax movement in order to benefit the wealthy and hurt everyone else, not even the wealthy since they weasel their way out of it regardless. It has very little to do with the system of taxation, more to do with the proper enforcement.

Comment Re:Actually... (Score 1) 639

Sales tax is the most regressive form of taxation in the United States. If sales tax is 30%, that means the poorest of the poor are paying an effective tax rate of 30%, because they need to spend every penny they make in order to survive. Meanwhile, if you look at someone who makes $30 million a year, spends $2 million on taxable goods, and invests or saves the other $28 million, they end up paying an effective 2% tax rate.

It's obviously not "fair" to tax each person the same dollar amount. Why do people think it's "fair" to tax each person the same percentage? I'd call it most fair to impose the same financial burden on each person through taxes, which means that we're able to take a much, much larger percentage of a very rich person's income before they're seriously inconvenienced by it.

On the other hand, the poorer person may spend most of their money on food and items which may not be taxed while the wealthier will be taxed on non-essential purchases.

Comment Re:No More (Score 1) 521

"Trained to fight?" No, most police are not trained to "fight".

Yes, they're trained to fight. I guess they would get beaten by a hardened thug. I guess they would also get beaten by a trained MMA fighter, or a combat vet with a lot more training time. But don't let those ridiculous comparisons stop you from trying to push your anti-cop agenda. We're not talking about either of those, we're talking about a skinny nerd with a paintball gun who is considering whether or not to shot the camera on a police car.

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