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Comment Re:The problem (Score 1) 72

I would assume it would turn out like what the Halo movie was supposed to be. The movie focuses on other characters, leaving the main character from the games (MC, or Freeman) as a cameo role.

I think it would end up like a couple of the Half-life expansion packs, where you play an ancillary character, catching brief glimpses of Gordon during the game.


Half-Life Short Film Grabs Attention 72

switchfeet writes "For any of you Half-Life fans out there, this new short film based on the game by The Purchase Brothers is really garnering some attention on pretty much every gaming site out there. 'It's a mixture of live action and game footage, and makes smart use of in-game sound effects, and some really fantastic location hunting. ... The Purchase Bros describe the production as 'guerilla style with no money, no time, no crew, no script, the first two episodes were made from beginning to end on a budget of $500.'"

Comment Re:digital running in our faculty building (Score 2, Interesting) 158

It's a lot of fun to play with friends/coworkers in a game map based off of a real place you are familiar with. I regularly play on a couple maps I've made of my old high school and house in Counter-strike:source.

Some pics too in case anyone's interested.
High school:


Zombie mod in high school ftw.

Comment Re:Great article (Score 1) 653

There is a lot to configure in the browser. In IE you can enforce privacy settings, connection settings, sound and video settings, security settings, etc with group policy. I know where I work they use GP to prevent people from setting up proxies in the browser and to keep scripts from running on websites as well as making sure the browser plays no sounds. Installing Firefox allows me to circumvent all this, so I could see it being an issue.

Comment Re:Netbooks are the future. (Score 1) 318

I did the same thing. It gets me around the storage space issue, since my Acer only has an 8Gb ssd, and I can use any Windows Apps off the server without sacrificing the performance of the light linux distro.
The only thing more I could ask for is 3g so I could literally use my computer on the move.

Comment Sad to hear (Score 1) 15

Sorry to hear about Linda.

My grandma is not doing to well right now, it's very frustrating that I can't see her since she's in Colombia. It's especially frustrating that I can barely speak Spanish anymore and have trouble conversing on the phone.

I hope for the best for you and your friends.

Comment Re:Who frigging knows? (Score 2, Funny) 162

Microsoft Clippy is the ONLY reason I still keep an XP partition on one of my computers.

If I really need to run Microsoft Office, I do that using CodeWeaver's Crossover Office under Linux.

Microsoft's decision to drop Clippy means that I won't have to even consider Windows 7. I'll just disconnect from my network whenever I want to clip so there is no risk to an abandoned XP partition.

I'm one of those that has bought every copy of Clippy even before Microsoft bought it from Bruce Artwick and SubLogic. I flew it when it was a wire frame grid (that's basically a paperclip, right?) with the profile mountain range to the north. I even wrote a shareware application for it that still can be found in various software repositories on the web. It has evolved into an amazing platform and some enthusiasts have built amazing motion clippypits and even full simulations of jet airliner clippypits.

I also thought every release of Clippy was profitable. For all of Microsoft's other ills, Clippy has been one of the more popular offerings that people preordered, snapped up on release day, etc. there were flawed releases, but Microsoft would release updates that fixed them.

Microsoft Clippy was really a flagship product for them. I don't know what they are thinking. If any of the team read this, I really appreciate all of your fantastic work over the years. You people made stuff.

It really has been an amazing product and extremely useful. I know lots of real clippy enthusiasts that use it to stay sharp and/or used it to make their training more effective. I can count myself among the ones who had a clippy instructor get frustrated that I was clipping more by instruments and less by seat of the pants, doing coordinated procedure turns, holding heading and altitude first time out.

But I wouldn't be surprised if the Linux clippy simulators (X-Clippy and ClippyGear) pick up all the slack. The hard core people will go nuts putting in the hooks for realistic clippypits, added inputs, etc.

It's an end of an era. For me it totally cuts the cord to Redmond, Gates, and Allen.

I'll sure miss updates to Clippy but in a way am kind of relieved that I will never buy another copy of Windows again.

I'm sorry about this.

Comment Tami (Score 1) 4

Her nickname seems like it's well deserved, but I have to wonder why Tami hasn't been completely ostracized yet?

"Connor's number and Stuart's number were on her 'called numbers' list right before they called Steve's phone last night."

It sounds like everyone's privy to her antics, and she pulls crap like that often enough that she's a nuisance. I'm sure she can be nice and friendly sometimes too, but damn you guys have put up with a lot from her.

Anyways, any idea on why your date stood you up? Did she find out that you knew about her AIDS?

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