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Russian Websites Critical of Elections Targeted In DDoS Attack 156

theshowmecanuck submits this news from Russia, where "Websites which exposed violations in Russia's parliamentary elections were inaccessible Sunday in a hacking attack they said was aimed at preventing them revealing the extent of election day fraud." Further, says the linked article, "Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, whose United Russia party is expected to win Sunday's polls but with a reduced majority, has denounced non-governmental organisations like Golos, comparing them to the disciple Judas who betrayed Jesus. Russia has seen an upsurge in Internet penetration since the last elections in 2007, and analysts have said the explosion of critical material on the web poses one of the biggest challenges to United Russia's grip on power."

Chrome Becoming World's Second Most Popular Web Browser 511

redletterdave writes with news that Google Chrome is in the process of surpassing Firefox to become the second most popular web browser. Pinpointing the exact time of the change is difficult, of course, since different analytics firms collect slightly different data. The current crop of media reports were triggered by data from StatCounter, which shows Chrome at 25.69% and Firefox at 25.23% for November. Data from Net Applications shows Firefox still holding a 4% lead, but the trends suggest it will evaporate within a few months.

Submission + - Why Silicon-Based Aliens Would Rather Eat our Citi (

Nancy_A writes: "While the world as we know it runs on Carbon, science fiction’s long flirtation with Silicon-based life — “It’s life, but not as we know it” — has become a familiar catchphrase.

Although non-Carbon based life is a very long shot, this Q&A with one of the US's top astrochemists — Max Bernstein, the Research Lead of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA headquarters in Washington,D.C. discusses what silicon life might be like."

Comment Good-bye sprint? (Score 1) 325

Well some of us have what they call grandfathered data plans. I have $59 per month unlimited plan on my data card which I signed up for about 4 years ago. They stopped offering that 2 years ago but my plan keeps going despite contract being ended a while ago. If this limit applies to the likes of me, it will be good-bye sprint.

Submission + - A first look at Cisco's Cius tablet (

v3rgEz writes: "It's not a tablet, Cisco executives keep insisting, but what's left isn't much: The Cius pricey, buggy device that doesn't live up to the key features Cisco promised, and key flaws don't have a specific time table for when they'll be fixed."

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