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Comment oh come on (Score 1) 163

What the **** is going on in this ***** up 21st century of yours(ours). So .. I grew up watching roadrunner and tom&jerry. Went through highschool wasting 4nights/week playing nothing but counter-strike for 10 hours straight. Moved from servers in europe to servers in us then in asia as time past and people went to sleep. Played every GTA under the sun. Now i'm in my twenties and I don't rob stores, don't beat up people on the street or get them out of their cars to steal it, I keep the door open for a lady no matter the age or looks because I'm polite, and I work as a programmer and help my parents with groceries and the house and stuff. **** it .. I think I'm a decent person. These days you can't watch tom&jerry or roadrunner because there's just too much violence and .. think of the children. Really? Well you grew up just fine and I don't see any reminiscence from watching tom&jerry in you. Just do your job and raise them properly and they'll pick up the rest...

Comment hmm (Score 0) 226

TMC(too many comments);DR I think it's just like a context sensitive storage service. If I build a service that allows users to upload pdfs and (for usage sake) I provide a way to view these files online anywhere they have an internet connection via .. i dunno .. pdf.js maybe does that mean I have to get a license from ebook publishers because my service allows users to upload ebooks (which they may have bought god knows from where) and read them online? That's my POV.

Submission + - Meego is dead, long live to LiMo (

mu22le writes: MeeGo is not just about Nokia or phones, its also being pushed as In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) and is already adopted by BMW. So lets not assume it is the end of the world given Nokias action. Although Android and WebOS are indeed Linux since they use this kernel, we often want more traditional user-space stack, like MeeGo would be. For those, dont loose hope! Yesterday we got a major announcement at MWC by LiMo: LiMo Foundation Unveils LiMo 4. Its based on X11, WebKit, GNOME and EFL!

Comment layout (Score 0) 2254

Hi, Please make the Ads disabled checkbox go away, put it in my account settings, anywhere else because I can't view the main page at full width. I used to have story boxes go from left to right full width now they all only go to the right until they hit the "Ads disabled" and I get a /. main page with a big white,blank,sterp column on the right. Useless I tell you, useless.

Comment pfah (Score 0) 154

woke up this morning at 6:45am. no power in the building, got bored. went to work. got to work. open slashdot. read about brilliant jailbreak solution for my 3gs with 4.0 on it which was vanilla pretty much since 4.0 was released. jailbreak after 5 seconds reading the article. jailbreak finished in minutes. so the rest of the day will be mostly about reinstalling cydia apps back. thanks slashdot for finding good use for my time.

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