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Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 262

I was in Edwardsville, IL during the '06 tornado. I was in my ex-girlfriend's apartment at that time.

Never been to or heard of Felber's. I do love The Magic Kitchen though. I haven't been able to find any place quite like it, even here in NY.

Comment Re:What? No Due Process? (Score 1) 301

1. Your grammatical errors make it appear like YOU'VE been drinking too much! Try not to hit the bottle so hard.
2. You are not legally required to blow into anything. It's called the 5th amendment; look it up.
3. I wouldn't demand a blood test either (see 5th amendment (look it up)). However, if forced to take one, I really have no choice at that point, but it would only help my case in court if I didn't give up my 5th amendment right (look it up).

Thank you.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 262

Sweet, someone referenced my home town! And yes, the Simpsons are from there. P.S. Don't go to the neighborhood where the Simpsons live (Evergreen Terrace) if you want to live very long. P.P.S. It says they liev in Evergreen Terrace at the beginning of the show when they pan out of the their neighborhood, away from the sign.

Comment Re:Understandable (Score 1) 783

Since you're not a total moron, presumably you can tell me whether Google has just accept that they can - and therefore should - remove links to anything libellous, regardless of whether the subject has complained to them or not?

Just so you stop making things up that are completely untrue, I want to inform you about an image like this: it is parody and not libel. Parodies are a well-established form of protected first amendment speech. If you think Michelle Obama really is a monkey because of something like this (which would be libel), you really are stupid. Fortunately, the courts are not.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 520

The GP can also purchase the Nokia N900 (available tomorrow in flagship stores; available online for preorder today). It follows the European model you mention and is an awesome phone. I don't know if the Milestone has tethering, but the N900 does and doesn't tell your cell provider that you're tethering. The N900's 3G will only work on T-Mobile towers, unless you're living in an area where AT&T has some 2100 MHz towers. The N900's EDGE connection will work on both T-Mobile and AT&T though.

Only thing the N900 lacks, software-wise, is Android. In it's place it has Maemo, which looks amazing, but let's face it, we also want Android. I can't wait for someone to port it; maybe I'll look into trying it. The other thing I wish Nokia had done better with the hardware are the frequencies it can handle. I would absolutely love a phone I could setup to work on any of the US carriers with full bandwidth, but I'm willing to accept T-Mobile over AT&T any day right now.

The Internet

1Mb Broadband Access Becomes Legal Right In Finland 875

An anonymous reader writes "Starting next July, every person in Finland will have the right to a one-megabit broadband connection, according to the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Finland is the world's first country to create laws guaranteeing broadband access. The Finnish people are also legally guaranteed a 100Mb broadband connection by the end of 2015."

Comment Re:Desktop multitouch: a tool looking for a purpos (Score 1) 352

How about taking notes and having the computer later "textify" your hand-written outline via OCR? I would love that! Depending on the price, if it had a high-precision touchscreen, I'd ditch paper for most things and move to that! If the interfaces are designed correctly, it should be pretty functional for a bit more than just note-taking even. Think of all the media you could get on your system: education material, movies, songs, etc. That would just be fantastic! I'd use it as I go back to school part-time next semester.

Comment Re:its not about money (Score 1) 834

By that logic, I could've just foregone a college degree in general and just relied on a HS diploma; after all, I could've been making cash at some low-level software job for 4 years! Except, in CS positions I've seen, a MS makes quite a bit of difference in the opportunities and pay presented to you.

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