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Comment Re:So much for the guns (Score 0) 134

I sympathise and very much agree, but that's not what we usually called "killed." Raj may end up dead, but his condition is what killed him

Bullshit. What killed him is a lack of liberty.

The idea that none of the 7+ billion people on the planet would be offering the $10 treatment that would have saved Raj's life is simply laughable. The only reason this theoretical person doesnt get the theoretical $10 treatment today is the very real problem with the concept of intellectual property imposed upon the theory-verse.

In the real world, the government created another monopoly. People really die because of it.

Would you ever try to pull the same horse-shit argument if it was about Food and Starvation? The government grants a monopoly to a single company for all food production, and they want $10,000 dollars per sandwich.... would you really say "its the need for food that killed, not some greedy, heartless food corporation" ??

Of course not. You would say that its the government that was responsible for the killing. Why do you pretend that medicine is different?

Comment Re:Peculiarities? (Score 3, Insightful) 307

..and this is why corporations should get to act as a "person" with regards to many laws. Thats over $100 billion in paid taxes right there for just those 12 corporations, equivalent to about ~$900 per household.

Of course they get to donate to political campaigns.. so do unions, for pretty much the same reason. Remember that this country was started specifically because of taxation without representation.

Comment Re:Peculiarities? (Score 1) 307

but I don't understand how employees cashing in stock options is an incentive so strong that it deserves a tax refund for a company.

Why is it that you dont understand this? You do know what a refund is, right? Its when you already paid more in taxes than you ultimately end up owing at the final tally.

In other words, Facebook has actually handed the government nearly half a billion dollars in direct tax payments to the government this year, and thats not counting payroll taxes and so forth.

Comment Re:Not digitally signed for Mountain Lion (Score 2) 87

Its normally not an issue but when you get a program from a 3rd party such as a mirror or from a torrent, which you would know is exactly this case with this benchmark if you bothered to try to download it, then its nice to have evidence that the program was packaged up using the keys of the developer even if there is some small chance that someone other than the developer might have gotten the keys.

Makes your argument seem a bit silly now, doesnt it?

Comment Re:unreasonable gambit (Score 1) 291

We are spending far more per person than we did in 1943, the height of World War II spending. And we aren't even in a major war.

This, and few seems to fucking know it, and its starting to piss me off that so few do.

The raw facts:

Government spending in 2011 was $6.251 trillion dollars (source: OECD.ORG
Total number of households in 2011 was 114.761 million (source: CENSUS.GOV

Government spending per household was $54469.72 in 2011, more than the median household income (source: basic math)

People seem to get caught up in the Federal numbers as if thats all that was spent, all that was borrowed, and all that is owed. Its not the case. People also jump to erroneous conclusions such as if the Federal government was greatly downsized that many government services would be cut, when in actuality the State and Local governments are funding and providing most of the cost of most of the services they cite as potentially lost or harmed (education, police, fire, justice, etc..)

The solution to the problem isn't cutting taxes on the middle class, raising taxes in the rich, or the ridiculous idea of spending even more.. no, the solution really is to stop spending so god damned much.

Comment Re:Budget over Justice? (Score 1) 626

They have suspects they are sure that did it.

Did what?

The accusation is rape, but not all accusations of rape are because of actual incidents of rape.

They have a method of determining which one, but they are dicking around because of cost?

Of course. Contrary to stupid peoples opinions, the burden imposed upon society actually matters.

Comment Re:fuck you iceland. (Score 2) 684

If you want to drink milk straight from a cow, you can still buy a cow.

Gee thanks. Now please explain what that has to do with what i said? It has nothing to do with it.. you are just pretending that it does.

Its like saying "well you still have the freedom to make your own car" after they take away your freedom to buy one and another persons freedom to sell one. Its a bullshit argument and you know it. It doesnt even pass simple scrutiny.

Liberty includes the freedom to voluntarily trade labor between consenting people. You don't get to redefine it.

Comment Re:A couple of points (Score 5, Interesting) 609

By "screwing up" do you mean that they told this reporter that even though the display range said 32 miles, they told him it would go the 61 miles planned?

This is not the kind of thing that is a "screw up" -- this is the kind of thing that someone would claim to have happened while lying his ass off.

Do you even listen to yourself?

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