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Comment Re:This is not the same test (Score 1) 845

The answer to which is obvious, even to someone that took geometry nearly 30 years ago, or never, if they're willing to think for a few seconds.
The question is really: "which statement would explain why we can equate the lengths of the two line segments" - and there's really only one that's likely.

Comment Re:I think it's kinda silly (Score 1) 1002

My kingdom - such as it is - for mod-points. This is exactly what I'm doing now, and it would be insanely painful to have one monitor with all this crap crammed into it. Also holds true developing and debugging windows applications; code/IDE on one monitor, application on the other; in certain cases, the window flip will cause events to be hit in code you don't want, and the "extra" monitor pays for itself almost instantly in reduced frustration and developer time.

Comment A friend of the devil? (Score 1) 278

Makes you wonder what the full terms of the deal was. Hard to see that you could make any kind of deal with Sony and not have some Evil rub off on you.

This becomes a nasty little quandary for the ethics department - and it'll be interesting to see what comes of it. The Chrome browser is not only fairly decent (ignoring the current lack of extensions), but evolving at what can only be considered to be an alarming rate, at least if your a competitor.

Comment Re:Not too worried (Score 1) 780

If I call you a mealy-mouthed anti-intellectual pompous turd-brained gutter rat with a Terry Schiavo-like IQ and all the sense one would expect from a decayed chunk of dog vomit, you think I should be fined or go to jail?

No, but I do think that you should work harder on your insults if you really mean them 'to cause substantial emotional distress'.

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