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Comment Time Warner out to save the U.S. post office? (Score 2, Funny) 395

So what this means is that I should stop buying my games online and have them sent via the USPS instead of Steam/EA Download Manager/Microsoft Live? (Maybe it will save the USPS.) Maybe I shouldn't install MS Windows/Linux/other OS due to the amount of bandwidth the latest patches will incurred? Maybe I should forget about MMOs? This is a signal from Time Warner that we should all go back to 80's and use the Atari console again. To the time when content came in a cartridge. (Which Warner Bros. did own Atari at the time.) All things must be shipped in a box and come with manuals big enough to be used as a door stop. To the time before Al Gore invented the Internet. BTW I should stop reading /. to save on bandwidth.

On the other hand I can joke here. Time Warner isn't my ISP and isn't going to get my business anytime soon anyways. Luckily a consumer still has good choices today.

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