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Comment Re:Well the ultimate value of a dollar is (Score 1) 605

Another thing that plays against these bitcoin idiots is that their "currency" is limited, there will only every be 21M bitcoins

It's not as bad as that. BTC is the wrong unit of measurement here. It's only being used because we are still at the beginning of the BTC inflation ramp. BTCs are divisible down to 8 decimal places, meaning there are 100,000,000 satoshis per BTC. Eventually, at these valuations, prices will be quoted in satoshis (or, if you prefer, decimal fractions of BTC.)


Microbes Likely Abundant Hundreds of Meters Below Sea Floor 68

sciencehabit writes "Samples drilled from 3.5-million-year-old seafloor rocks have yielded the strongest evidence yet that a variety of microorganisms live deeply buried within the ocean's crust. These microbes make their living by consuming methane and sulfate compounds dissolved in the mineral-rich waters flowing through the immense networks of fractures in the crust. The new find confirms that the ancient lavas formed at midocean ridges and found throughout deep ocean basins are by volume the largest ecosystem on Earth, scientists say."

Comment Re:bullshit - gmail does NOT recognize dots (Score 1) 239

Oh, nuts, please disregard what I posted above. Somehow, I got it into my memory that-- in addition to what my GP posted-- Google had also opted to use the dot at the end of your email address as a replacement for the + functionality called out in the RFCs (and explicitly disallowed the plus.) But looking back through early news discussions of gmail, I can't find mention of that, so likely it is a fabrication of my mind.

Comment Re:Back in about 1994 (Score 1) 618

While you may be correct in stating that a 32-bit wide bus can address 2^32 memory positions, I fail to see how that makes TFA wrong. TFA has naught to do with bus width. Under discussion here is 2^30 being 1 GiB, vs 10^9 being 1 GB. Why are you bringing 4 GiB into the discussion?

Comment Re:When it goes the other way... (Score 1) 307

It can be both, and I believe it is. We are used to parodies changing the words and keeping the music essentially the same. This song changes the music, and keeps the lyrics largely the same, I believe that still meets the definition of parody that wikipedia proffers.

However, I was apparently incorrect in asserting that the legal sticking point had anything to do with parody. Instead the legal sticking point is that it is licensed as a cover, just as you alluded. (Though there seems to be some question about the wholly new parts that JC added, such as the duck quack.) The fact that the cover is parodical is not really a material fact. My bad.

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