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Comment Re:MOD PARENT UP!!! (Score 1) 943

This shifts wealth to those people who hold cash, a non-productive asset.
This increase real interest rates, deterring investments in productive assets.

I followed your line of reasoning until that last line. If you assume this cash is held in a bank, then these dollars are still lendable (even multiple times over, if you assume we haven't also done away with fractional reserve, along with this presumed return to a gold standard.) Or, are you assuming that these wealthy people are squirreling all their gold-backed currency away under their mattresses?

Comment Re:Adventure? (Score 1) 181

You are correct, I didn't know that name in the context of text adventure games. I thought the GP was having a brain-fart, mentally conflating the name Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) with Douglas Adams (who had at least 2 adventure games in the 80's that I can recall, namely: Bureaucracy, and HHGttG) In my defense, I didn't play many games. My parents bought me me a TRS-80 Color Computer, but weren't inclined to spend any money on games for it. My exposure to the Douglas Adams games was from a friend who had a Commodore 64.

Comment Re:get a real car (Score 3, Funny) 309

Personally, I think automatic gearboxes are pointless if you're healthy and not somehow disabled.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to hold onto the steering wheel, work the clutch, talk on the phone, eat a messy taco, *and* have to shift gears manually? Do you *want* me to get in an accident, or something?

Comment Re:Efficiency? (Score 2) 248

Compressed air heats up and you need that heat to stay in the tank or you lose the energy.

Can you explain how that is a net loss, if all your power generation relies upon is the PSI? I do understand that air heats when compressed. But it also chills when decompressed, causing the heat that it released earlier to be sucked back in to the system. ...Is it perhaps that when the heat of compression dissipates out of the system, the PSI has been reduced?

Comment Re:Doomed competition (Score 1) 146

What is the difference between these two outcomes:
1. Realizing you will later be on a bus/train/plane/car/deserted island with no connectivity, and preloading your sd card with content to consume during your adventure
2. Realizing you will later be on a bus/train/plane/car/deserted island with no connectivity, and preloading your device with content to consume during your adventure


Or, are you bemoaning the loss of opportunity to swap pre-loaded sd cards with your fellow travellers/castaways? Because if so, you could just do one of the following:

a. Trade devices for a while
b. Swap the files via NFC or bluetooth

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