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The Military

Submission + - US Army developing body armor to protect against ' (

Rubicks13 writes: In the past several years, the U.S. Army has developed an advanced generation of protective ballistic plates for soldiers in what it calls the "X-Sapi" (Small-Arms Protective Insert) program. But, despite buying 120,000 plates from Ceradyne and BAE Systems, it has yet to issue the gear to troops in the field sand it may not ever do so. has in-depth information on this developing story.
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Journal Journal: Anyone recomment me a few "web 2.0" sites? 2

Looking into Web 2.0 sites. Any recommendations?

I've already got accounts setup on myspace, facebook and twitter but since I've not played around much with the next edition of web stuff I would really appreciate a few pointers.

Thanks in advance :)

Comment Re:Trolls (Score 1) 5

hmm. I've had a similar experience or two but it never seemed to get up that high. JWS is probably right. The system will show what the last mod was but to get +4 Troll you would have to have been +5 something else and lose one point when modded as troll.

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