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Comment Re:Anti-Trust (Score 1) 748

Don't hold my feet to the fire but take this as "here say" I believe I was informed that some government agencies declared office as a necessary software and got free office from Microsoft. I could be missing what the actual software was but it was something along those lines. Something like without xyz software the computer is useless.

Comment Re:Anti-Trust (Score 1) 748

Application, after application, after application. Even in windows 7 there are so many apps that need to be run as admin that it nearly defeats the purpose. Most "relatively self claimed smart" users disable the UAC defeating the purpose all together. I try as hard as I can not to disable UAC and use the scheduler run high permissions/shortcut method for apps I need to run as admin like openvpn to add routes. Looking for a less permission way to add routes I never found. My ways work for normal users and are good for trusted apps.

Comment Re:Anti-Trust (Score 1) 748

Not so fast, If he said "competent users" he is incorrect, if he said "competent system maintainers" (or if that is what he means fine I'll give it to him), but my mom and dad, bless them I love them, they are not competent users. Because all they do are online stuff (visit a few pages and read email) and I am a maintainer (I check up on their computer only every 6 months). I haven't had many issues at all. I installed Linux Mint and wala they have been happy as clams and I don't have to worry about viruses; none yet, where as visiting the same stuff on a windows xp system it was riddled with viruses and mailware within an hour(no joke). Of course my brother who installed xp fresh without an AV and knew about Linux Mint I had to scold but now he is happy to support them as well. With stuff as easy as that (Linux Mint, I'd say Ubuntu but flash is almost needed for now.) and runs on old old computers why would someone push Windows on new users. I can see if they have work related stuff they need windows only apps or ie only sites that they need to get at but that is a rarity. An old computer "worth" under $50 does great with Linux Mint and in a side to side comparison I'd put it up against a new $300 windows 7 machine (although that same machine running Linux Mint would work better.)

Comment What I want in a BIOS (Score 1) 154

I want a bios that can only be upgraded in an upgrade mode. After the upgrade it defaults to a non upgrade mode; thus, the only way to upgrade the bios is to reboot and set the upgrade mode in the bios, then boot an os with an app to upgrade the bios. It would also be nice to warn and stop with a continue question while in the update mode. This should be much harder to compromise than current bioses that can be written from the OS. Its a dream and will probably never happen but wouldn't it be nice. I also look forward to having UEFI bioses (I know some have it but very few.) I realize for arrays of computers this would be cumbersome maybe have the options to turn this behavior on. I've worried about compromised bioses ever since you where allowed to update the bios from the os. VNC in the bios seems like a big security hole.

Comment Because of them sticking with copper It will loose (Score 1) 69

Whats the point of it if we can use USB3? USB3 is compatible with my current USB devices Thunderbolt is not. Thunderbolt cost of implementing is higher than USB3. Its not that much faster there are almost no devices for thunderbolt. How many copper wires does it need? How would it scale for distances of say 50 feet? The real distance of going around the room if you don't go under the rug. If they stuck with fiber and had copper for power and sold adapters like they had set out to do. Even though its not that big of improvement in speed over usb3 it would have had a chance. Compatibility of USB3 is going to kick it under the rug. It is surely a dead end technology now.

Comment Missed the point (Score 1) 69

While shorter distances of copper are cheap for communications long distance is expensive and lossy. I wanted a technology that I could run across the house. and still utilize full speed. Cat5e will do for now. I know Cat6 exists but I can get gigabit ethernet for cheaper with cat5e and It works even across the house. Cat6 doesn't do significantly better. Finding adapters to utilize the capabilities of cat5/cat6 as high speed usb 2.0 480Mbits/second cables looks to be a $300 endeavor. Again I know I can buy a long USB2 cable but I'd like to have one set of technology that I can plug anything into like what lightpeak was set out for. Currently I have USB2.0, HDMI, and cat5e. If it was all light peak with its high speed and cheap adapters I could use any cable as any other cable. Its great that they found copper to work good but at what distance? I'm betting if they try going the distance of a room its going to A) cost them an arm and a leg and or B) going to be lossy and slow things down. Sigh.

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