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Comment Socially responsible? Are you kidding? (Score 0) 686

Actually, you have to be pretty stupid to back this proposal for *at least* the following reasons:

1. Bandwidth caps: I may be charged overage fees for traffic which I didn't made
2. Legal liability: I may get sued for a infringement which I didn't made, but was made by an unknown 3rd party which I cannot identify.
3. Contract terms: AFAIK most (home) contracts forbid you to provide services to 3rd parties.
4. Service quality: I may get degraded service because of unknown 3rd parties browsing for free.

All in all, not free. Isn't it?

Comment Re:No it doesn't! (Score 1) 297

I have to agree with you. Here all couriers (DHL, UPS, Fedex to name a few) have what I call the "extorsion fees".

When importing a package, even if no taxes are due they charge you around $30-50 just to deliver it (remember you paid shipping before), else they will auction it.

Once I had a package with DHL which had a value of $29 (honestly!), no taxes where due (no taxes for less than $100 FOB), yet they wanted to charge me $40 for "Operating expenses". After I complained they discovered they made a "mistake" and delivered it. Even then, they failed to deliver it at the scheduled time (never got a call from them, had to wait at my house for nothing!!), but got the package the next day without any warning or even apologies.

Fedex is a bit better. Their "operating expenses" charge is higher (usually $55), but at least they live to their word on their delivery date/time. What I don't understand is that their web page advertises their services as "customs-cleared", yet they charge customs-related fees during the import process (not counting taxes, which are obviously another thing).

I haven't really have much trouble with UPS, they where a bit cheaper and delivered well.

All of them also ask too much customs-related questions (unlike my local postal office, which make things really easy), even stupid ones.

Honestly, I prefer receiving mail via my local post office (Serpost), which means that I ask my suppliers to send via USPS (in the US), Royal Mail (in the UK), etc. All of them have better rates and really good service. I usually get packages faster (and cheaper) by Express Mail than by a courier's express service (Fedex International Priority, etc). My mailman also knows me, at what time he can find me, and where he can leave packages if I'm not there. He even calls me when I have a package!

That's why I never use couriers, they suck a lot.

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