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Comment Re:Speak simply (Score 1) 133

That is exactly what Google is doing already since some time. Training its engine with manual translations (they started with something like ONU translations -same text available in multiple languages-). And now they provide tools (using their engine) to help translators (humans !), and then Google make use of these professional translators' translations to improve their own engine... This is the strength of google. Their huge userbase and the processing power they have at hand...

Comment Re:from TFA (Score 3, Insightful) 921

Yes, benefit to environment, and so to ourselves...
but also they do not say whether the review looked at pesticides in the food itself. They may have the same nutritional value, but organic food will probably always carry less harmful substances. (ex. a recent study on grape fruits showed they were highly contaminated with pesticides. Not the organic ones...)
Kind of a huge health benefit I think !
I usually eat organic food, I think it is better for environment. But I also give it to my baby, and for her the lack of pesticides (and other such products) is very important !

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