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Submission + - MMORPG 'Ryzom' releases code and art assets (

An anonymous reader writes: Ryzom is a 3D science-fantasy massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. On May 6th of 2010, its developer and publisher Winch Gate Property Limited announced that they are working with the Free Software Foundation to release the game's client and server source code, along with most of the art assets, under the AGPLv3 and Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 respectively. Ryzom itself will remain an active commercial product.

What is not being released:
- Sound and music, because Winch Gate does not currently have the legal rights to release them. They are however "trying to find an arrangement that will see these files released under a free license as well."
- Level design files, a.k.a. the world of Ryzom. Thus "the integrity of the game and story line" will be undisturbed.

Everything else is available now at the following websites:


Submission + - Pirate bay judge biased

Zoolander writes: The judge of the Pirate Bay trial has been found to be a member of several organizations that deal with copyright issues, among them the Swedish Copyright Association, whose members also include Monique Wadsted, Henrik Pontén and Peter Danowsky, who all represented the entertainment industry in the trial, and Swedish Association for the Protection of Industrial Property, an organization which actively advocates more stringent copyright laws.

Submission + - GNOME 2.26 Released (

suraj.sun writes: The GNOME project has released new version of the GNOME desktop environment and developer platform, GNOME 2.26.

Among the hundreds of bug fixes and user-requested improvements, GNOME 2.26 has several highly visible changes: the inclusion of a new disc burning application, simpler file sharing and a generally smoother user experience.

What's New for Users:
The sheer number of enhancements makes it impossible to list every change and improvement made, but these notes aim to highlight some of the more exciting, user-oriented features in this release.

1.Comprehensive New Disc Burning
2.Simpler File Sharing
3.Evolution Evolves its Migration from Windows
4.Media Player Improvements
5.Volume Control Integrated with PulseAudio
6.Support for multiple monitors and projectors
7.Almost Telepathic Communication
8.Location Epiphany
9.Fingerprint Reader Integration

More at

GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Nokia/Trolltech to License Qt as LGPL 1

CarpetShark writes: Following their acquisition by Nokia, Trolltech have added an LGPL licensing option to Qt. Qt (pronounced "cute", not "Q.T."), the main widget and OS abstraction layer used by KDE and many other Free Software projects, is roughly equivalent to the GTK+ library within GNOME. However, GTK+ has been LGPL from the beginning, which has, arguably, led to increased support from corporations such as Sun etc. This raises interesting questions on the future of Qt (increased contributions?), the future of KDE (more corporate contributions and sponsorship?), and also the future of interactions between KDE and GNOME (since they'll be using more compatible licenses).

Submission + - Nokia to LGPL Qt

jryland writes: "It appears that Nokia is planning to release Qt 4.5 under the LGPL as well as under commercial licensing and the GPL. I first got the news today with an email from Nokia to customers and found an article here on Arstechnica about the news: appears to now redirect to however it doesn't confirm this news as far as I can tell at this time.

This is pretty big news for the FOSS world. I wonder how this will impact many things. Comment with what you think will happen because of this. I can imagine it will eliminate any license arguments in the comparisons of Qt with other toolkits and the relative technical merits will be weighed and used to judge each toolkit rather than simply a comparison of license terms (although Qt appears that it will still have an additional commercial option available presumably so that companies can keep their modifications to Qt to themselves).

I personally think it will significantly increase the usage of Qt and much more software will be written using it. However I wonder how much of the software will be commercial software for Windows and Mac using the LGPL version of Qt which will provide little or no benefit to Linux users?"

Comment Re:To be fair to China (Score 5, Funny) 325

Blocking an album containing Alanis Morissette, Garbage, Moby and Sting is probably preventing human rights violations as much as it contributes to them. Isn't that ironic?

It's like rain on your wedding day, It's a free ride when you've already paid, It's the good advice that you just didn't take, Who would've thought ... it figures

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