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Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 1486

So while you need to defer to other people in almost every part of your life, I don't think this qualifies as "faith". Do you "believe" in your CPA, or do you trust him enough to let him do your taxes for you because of his track record and reputation? Do you "believe" in your auto mechanic, or do you just trust that he won't screw up your brakes because of his track record and reputation? IMHO there is a big difference.

First definition of faith (from n. confidence or trust in a person or thing.

As far as I can tell, you're arguing that two synonyms don't mean the same thing. Unless you are an expert in every possible area of study and accomplishment in the world... you have to believe/trust/have faith that other people know what they're doing and talking about... because you can't specialize in everything on earth.

Comment Re:Read Twain. Twain will save you. (Score 1) 775

So the laws made by the hundreds of different people we elect to make laws after the will of the people... don't matter. Just the opinion of 9 people who we have no say in at all as a people? I don't think so. It's true that they are there to bring justice... but "justice" is defined by the Constitution (as of primary authority) and the laws that those we elected have enacted (as long as they don't contradict the Constitution). Any other "justice" is out of place.

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