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Comment Re:Anything new from Slashdot ? (Score 2) 255

I never said China was dangerous. I was just stating a fact that releasing the VHDL for their ASICS would be commercial suicide, and that releasing source doesn't prove there's no backdoors in the silicon. It's a futile exercise on the part of *both* sides. It boils down to nothing but America trying to defend it's own businesses and market share - not national security.

Please 'take your own medicine' and apply some critical thinking before making assumptions and lumping me in one category or another. And FYI, my wife is Chinese and I go there a lot to visit my delightful in-laws. I'm also American. Amazing eh? ...

Comment Re:Hopefully another 25 years or more (Score 4, Insightful) 455

Never say never :)

I hear you, honestly, but do keep in mind that sometimes change can be a good thing too. If they do it right, and it works everywhere, and gives you everything you had before but more.. why hold back? Sure, stay with what works for you for now but don't write off your options forever-more just because they're not there yet. I remember a time when I wouldn't own any phone but a Nokia, and wouldn't use a laptop because they were too underpowered and the screens were terrible. I wouldn't use anything that wasn't x86 and 32bit due to compatibility and stability. I wouldn't use wifi when ethernet was available because it was way slower and unreliable. I wouldn't consider using the internet on a phone due to cost and performance. All that's changed now and I couldn't be happier that it has

Comment Re:Hopefully another 25 years or more (Score 3, Insightful) 455

Remote vanilla X11 over even today's internet is fucking slow as balls and about as painful as being kicked in them. Even on a lan it can be pain if your client is generating too many unneeded events (try eclipse over ssh x11 forwarding some time). X11 does facilitate the use of, say, NX and VNC though to mitigate the problem. Does Wayland? If so then bring it on I say. As long as the end result is the same or better, how is it a bad thing?

Comment Re:Why is this supposed to be a good thing? (Score 1) 946

Pretty sure using an API isn't covered by the scope of the copyright license anyway. If it were then glibc would be in DEEEEP shit. In fact, iirc glibc and linux *set the precedent* on this issue in the first place when they chose to be unix compatible and clone libc. Seems to me like Alan Cox is just having a tantrum about nothing ? And forgetting his roots in the process I guess.

Comment Re:One more bullet on proprietary drivers (Score 1) 946

In order to sign it, you would also have to distribute it. Each distribution vendor would have their own signing keys and thus a distro-specific nvidia driver package would be needed. NVIDIA doesn't give vendors permission to distribute their binary blobs but requires users to elect to download and install them (so they can agree to te EULA when they fetch them). And they also don't want the overhead of having to build 100 packages of each driver release for each distribution flavor-of-the-month (and who could blame them for that..). Besides this overhead, it would also require NVIDIA to have the PRIVATE signing key for all those distribution vendors and they sure as hell won't agree to that.

Comment Re:How to (not) get people to use your OS... (Score 4, Informative) 946

OS X's kernel is Mach, not BSD. It's had BSD api and userland tacked on to it but it's actually Mach. It's so altered though that it doesn't really count as either but instead something new and on it's own. Android at it's core is still a linux kernel and not some mutant derivative but actual linux with linux API driving the OS services that drive the jvm that drive the apps you know.

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