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Comment Re:Linux's Biggest Threat is Human Engineering (Score 1) 252

I won't deny that it happens in some places, but it certainly doesn't happen here. In fact we take those default settings and hard-code them to make this even less likely.
We even have a bootscript that locks root on every reboot, and another hook in our build-scripts to relock it everytime you build our code, basically - even if people unlock it, it won't be unlocked for long - and if somebody changes that, well git blame means it won't be a secret...

Comment Re:Linux's Biggest Threat is Human Engineering (Score 1) 252

Most desktop Linux distros (the kind most coders who run it use) no longer HAVE a root account enabled, it's generally locked by default, and you would have to forceably go and set one to use it.

I can't speak for other people but I have only ever done this in very specific scenarios on my machine where I CANNOT use sudo (i.e. I want to move my /home to a new larger hard drive - this means I need to be able to unmount it - which means my normal account cannot be logged int)... considering it's "sudo passwd root", move mountpoint, remount, passwd -l root, exit or I have to "THE HORROR" reboot my machine after updating fstab ... yeah, I consider that an acceptable risk.

Comment Re: A name for PETA (Score 4, Informative) 590

From the original huffington post article we find, among other things, a quote by a veterinarian who handed them a mother cat and her kittens who were perfectly healthy. The PETA representatives said they would be "easy to adopt" and the vet was wanting to find them homes as they were in perfect condition.

The PETA guys killed them in their van mere moments after telling that blatant lie.

Isn't it odd that every other shelter organisation around has far fewer euthanizations and far more adoptions than PETA's shelters do ? That most of them keep animals for several months before considering euthansia while PETA animals rarely make 14 days - even if they are in perfect health ?

That animals coming to PETA with diseases which other shelters routinely treat and cure and then adopt the animals are simply left to die untreated ? Like Parvovirus - average survival rate among infected animals at shelters: 90%, survival rate at PETA shelters: 0%.

Comment Re:Easily... (Score 1) 330

You remind me of a debate between Bill O'Reily and Bill Maher, where O'Reily said: "People don't want progressivism, they don't want the country to change, they like the country".

My answer to him is: yes, a lot of people like America, a lot more than 50 years ago actually, much more than 70 years ago and way more (all percentage-wise to population at the time) than a hundred and fifty years ago. The reason each generation has more people who like America is because each generation has fewer groups of people who are not being disenfranchised and having their rights denied by government and the beneficiaries of unequal rights. That philosophy which, with each generation, has recognized and extended basic rights to more and more of those groups who are denied it, that is progressivism. That is what gave the vote to black people, to women, and as recently as 1992 only to people of Romani descent (aka gypsies). We still need to be progressive because, today, there are still many people in the USA whose rights are not truly recognized and who are not truly equal before the law. The gay community for one, the children of illegal immigrants for another (recently a republican congressman suggested denying foodstamps to illegal immigrants, since any child born in the US is automatically a citizen, this would mean - literally - starving American babies because their PARENTS broke the law).
We can stop being progressive, when we have nobody left who desperately needs progress to happen."

Bias disclosure: I am not an American, nor do I ever want to be one, but I do follow your news and events (since they directly impact my life - you choose a bad president and I get poorer even though I got no vote, seems rather undemocratic in my view, that's about the only thing I actually AGREE with Ron Paul on - stay the hell out of other people's countries, you do not get to mess with OUR democratic choices to serve YOUR interests).

Comment Re:A bit of perspective folks... (Score 1) 145

Dude, if you're going to make the Blackadder joke, then at least get it right. Richard IV ruled for 13 Glorious years before lord Percy's mixup with the wine and poison. At which point, Henry Tudor ascended the throne and rewrote history for a full backdated 13 years, claiming the death of Richard the third, victory at Bosworth and basically denying the very existence of Richard the fourth.

It's in the opening sequence to the series dude.

Comment Re: Not News to Fox (Score 0) 330

>Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

Yes, and of course, all politicians since the birth of the United States have held all clauses of the Constitution as sacred and equal. Like when Thomas Jefferson paid heed to those clauses about due process and a fair trial by not shooting an accused traitor on the White House lawn... oh wait.

Comment Re:a graphing calculator these days... (Score 2) 70

This is a fairly common thing, though not always practical. In Brazil crime bosses regularly DO run their gangs from the inside. A few years ago the Brazilian authorities tried to end this by putting cellphone signal blockers around prisons.

The result was violent gang-on-police war in the streets of Sao Paulo as the gangs basically attacked the police head-on. It lasted several days and then mysteriously ended - the popular belief being that the government quietly caved and disabled the signal blockers.

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