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Comment Re:Correlation is not causation (Score 1) 320

Perhaps there is another factor that causes cancer that has decreased in the last 30 years.
Asbestos use has been declining for half a century (and has been banned in most countries in the last 20 years). This could have easily hidden the cancer growth from cell phones.
(Note that Asbestos causes lung and kidney cancer but no brain cancer. This was just used as an example)

Comment Re:Breakdown (Score 1) 200

The computer AI in Starcraft actually has knowledge of your position on the map (that's why it never has to scout you before he attacks). It's reasonable to assume that the AI competion would include these things as well.

Making up new tactics on the fly is not as important as it seems. What is important is recognising your opponent's strategy and responding to it (something that can easily be programmed). Of course this would only work against other AI; a good Korean player can certainly come up with a strategy that the AI cannot deal with.

Comment Re:Old news? (Score 1) 324

You could only order 1 at a time (or send a special request). After it got delivered, you could try to order another one. Any subsequent orders or special requests always got denied for me though. I always needed 2 CDs for me, and some more for my friends, but I haven't been able to hand them out for a few years.

Comment Re:Civil Engineer (Score 2, Informative) 190

In Belgium, the civil engineering degree isn't what you think it is. It's more a general engineering degree with everyone choosing a specific major (chemical engineering, computer science, applied physics, elektro-mechanical engineering and "bouwkunde": the actual civil engineer...) His degree would be the equivalent of "Master of Science in Engineering: Telecommunications"

Comment Re:Power management (Score 1) 112

Storing power is not as easy as it looks. If you have a good idea let us know. Huge batteries are expensive and lose their charge over time. You could use the power to pump water higher and then use that potential energy later. There are so many convertions of energy that make it not effective enough.

Comment Re:Microsoft opposition is a given (Score 1) 121

It's about not having to operate your own datacenter anymore. (not having to pay for electricity, cooling, multiple system admins, and keeping up with your server requirements...) You get an account with a business who has a big cloud. You tell them what kind of equipment you want to use (i.e. via an internet application) and it gets set up for you automatically (within minutes instead of days/weeks/months. Then you just pay for the storage you are using and the processor clock cycles that are used. You pay less, and benefit is that you can easily add more servers (in case you website gets slashdotted)

Submission + - Anonymous network I2P 0.7 released (i2p2.de)

Mathiasdm writes: The Invisible Internet Project, also known as I2P, has seen its 0.7 release (download). I2P uses multiple encryption layers, and routing through several other computers to hide both sender and receiver of messages. On top of the network, regular services such as mail, browsing, file sharing and chatting are supported.
This major version change marks a new period, in which the I2P developers wish to spread the word about the secure network. This new release includes improvements in the built-in bittorrent client, changes in the network exploration software and an experimental new address system using base32 hashes of destination keys.

Comment Re:Severe lack of respect for IT (Score 1) 685

Experience. Before you start do a guess on how long it will take. Maybe divide the problem into multiple parts and try to think how long you will have to work on everything separately. After you have finished the task make sure you write down how long it actually took and compare it with your estimates. Your estimates will get better and better even after just a few projects.

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