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Comment Embracing for COpenhagen fiasco? (Score 1) 715

Slow down, dear Slashdot Editors. The present impasse at Copenhagen might only be a game to raise the bets. Money might still flow and there is no reason to leave the Global Warming Propaganda ship just yet. Go back to peddling the New Religion.
On the other side, Russian economy depends on the fossil fuel exports, their nuclear technology lost luster after Chernobyl, their administration is strictly disciplined by Putin's regime, so who knows if the allegations would hold water...

Comment Two problems, one pattern (Score 1) 1011

Very good point.
Similar arrogance took place in the world of politics with the Lisbon Treaty in Europe.
All referendums (in Holland, France and Ireland) rejected the treaty, and the Irish had to correct their first, "improper" choice.
The "right" and "wrong" had been settled in advance, then worked on by massive propaganda to force the consent of population.
Two problems, one pattern.

Comment Swarm of ants working on Damage Mitigation (Score 1) 1011

The armies of Slashdot keyboard ants and moderation lizards rushed to plug the bleeding hole in AGW with their tiny authorities, resembling a manifestation in support of The Great Linguist and The World Peace Leader (Stalin).

Vladimir Illich Ulianov (Lenin) used to call them "Useful Idiots".

Others, like a Greenpeace activist interviewed in quotes "scientific consensus" over 300000 climate-change-inflicted deaths per year. No word where the numbers came from, nor about the leaked emails which clearly show how the "scientists" try to bully a consensus on climate predictions. Would they have to discuss the mattter if it was settled?

What was in the leaked emails tells about the conduct of researchers from CRU enough for me to ignore their claims. They have no credibility, whatever theory they support.

Comment I must come from a different "Eastern Europe"? (Score 1) 452

Perhaps you talk about some other Eastern Europe than that where I come from (Poland). The huge government-led industrialization projects were beyond any control and no concern was given to environment. During 1960-1980 the devastation was so rampant, even the strictly censored newspapers wrote about massive health problems and deaths caused by pollution.
Have you ever seen a lilly-violet "water" in a river or a "forest" of dead trees still standing?
In Poland the onset of capitalism and shift away from inefficient, outdated technologies has allowed the environment to recover during the last 20 years, but the river I used to bath in as a toddler is still too dirty to enter. Sadly, it seems my river is going to remain dirty in the future, as the money is diverted away from real problems (environmental pollution) into a scam scheme of limiting CO2 emissions (bankers' pockets).

Comment "Have you ever" taken airplane instead of horse? (Score 1) 549

"Have you ever" taken a train or an airplane instead of a horse carriage in order to travel across a continent? And not paid the carriage owner as result?

What makes you think anyone had to pay for service fading away into obsolescence?

The modern copyright disputes have "The Red Flag Act" reminiscences all over them.

Comment People like McCormick make me sick (Score 1) 652

Nobody seems to have noticed the name that should be remembered. Jim McCormick, the leader of ATSC (UK) Ltd., the London-based company that has sold hundreds of the devices to Iraq’s Interior Ministry.
The money he got is stained with blood of the bomb victims, but a scum like him wouldn't even care. Why does Earth carry miscreants of his kind? He deserves to be a bomb victim himself, nothing else.

Comment Trying to fight alleged sexism with real sexism (Score 1) 1255

"On September 19th, the GNOME Foundation and the Free Software Foundation will host a mini-summit on how to increase women's participation in the free and open source software (FOSS) communities."

Not "increase talented developer participation", but "increase women's participation".

THIS AGENDA IS SEXIST. The Gnome Foundation's meeting agenda was to introduce sexism to FOSS.

Comment Feminist issues in software? (Score 2, Funny) 1255

How wrong were I thinking that only professional matters should be of concern. Before we tackle the obvious sexist attitude in capitalist society towards childbearing, let me recall Sokal's discussions with postmodernist on mixing politics with science. Hope we aren't all living in Orwell's animal farm, just yet...

Comment Re:Nordstream (Score 1) 327

Following your argumentation, the pipe should enter the EU in the nearest member country and run by land (price, ecology) from there. Yet it is going to run around the Baltic States and Poland (or Finland and Sweden for an alternative path).

You seem to confuse the european interest with the german interest.

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