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Comment Oh Good (Score 2) 251

Now Apple is going to put Chinese workers out of a job. I can see it in 20 years, the CEO and CTO the only ones raking in the money, in their automated office with roomba's (made in Poland) cleaning up the office after hours and their Google driverless cars taking them home, to their Toyota robot butler opening the door...

Comment Re:Political correctness is pre-emptive censorship (Score 1) 1223

But then it is true that there are racists, sexist, homophobes, .... What is being described with those terms is some aspect of the persons behaviour that is offensive to other humans. If you go down South in this country, you don't have to travel far to find someone who thinks Blacks should still be slaves, or at least are unworthy of consideration, support, or any positive attention. A holdover from the slave owner days that many have not gotten over or their defeat in the civil war. Its real, there are people that have some form of those feelings. Certainly on a sliding scale between it not making a difference and a lynching party. So maybe the scientific part of when to apply the term to someone needs a threashold point on that continuum. There are those that will apply it if they see any deviation from center, others apply it as a description of more blatant attitudes or behaviour. But it is a real description and there are really people who are racists, homophobes, sexits... and my feeling is that people should be called out when they get too far out of line. Often time they run with people who think the same so don't even have an idea that that behavior or thought is anything but natural and accepted. Sometimes that needs to be pointed out.

I find it also good to travel around the world and observe different cultures. Many of our assumptions about behavior and what is good and bad need to be reviewed.

Comment Re:"far right" means?? (Score 1) 412

Well in the case of the insult to Mohammad, it was far right because it was ridicule coming from a Coptic Christian (maker) and put out there by a right wing nut job.
In the case of the Greek Orthodox ridicule, it was coming from someone who was ridiculing the religion for being so far right (conservative, orthodox, intolerant, ideologically certain of having the truth and I'll put you in jail if you openly disagree). So the right wing , moderate, left wing has to do with the protester not the protest. As you can see that very different people can get together on the same issue but are very different in political location. A good example is the moderate to left position on legalization of pot for recreational purposes allied with the far , far right Libertarians who want the same thing but because they don't want government interference (local, state, or federal). (Your not a libertarian if you only don't want federal interference).

But then you would think you would know that.

Comment Its sleezy when companies do it. (Score 1) 145

But when governments make the lists, you know the ones that have power to put you in prison or deny you accesses to services or locations or permits or can tax you, to gets creepy. We have seen targeted political action before and we still have a collective nightmare over it. Lets stop that and have governements blind to things like race, creed, sexual orientation..

Comment Re:Give them away (Score 1) 302

The point being that teachers are committed to their work (at least a good portion) but the idea that the school board will make up the difference isn't realistic without grass roots support and pressure. The trouble with your attitude of, teachers should stop buying supplies and go home at 5pm ignores the central first principle here of teaching the kids. That is tantamount to Rommey's statement the GM should just go bankrupt, jobs and lives and families and kids be damned.

As to the Federal govt involvement, absolutely!, just like insurance companies sharing risk across populations, sharing costs across population enables a more even education across all types of counties and local jurisdictions. I think we have a responsibility to have as even a educational playing field so our country can be a meritocracy not an aristocracy (which is where we are heading). We need to be a democracy not an oligarchy Leaving it to local counties and you better not be born in Appalachia, or rural Mississippi.

Comment Now for some Christians (Score 1) 957

It is blasphamey to say that Christ was only a profit. Now how are they going to resolve that. The key point here is an authoritarian group that claimes to have the (disputed) undesputed truth and wants to deny anyone from the disuptation.

I think it is very wrong headed. Now for a Muslem I think it fine that if one that lives by that faith dies by that faith if that be the punishment for blasphamy, but then if we live by that rule, they should live by our rules, like freedom of speech. So I think the answer is live by your rules (those in the faith) and leave the rest of us alone, including those in your countries that are not of your religion.

Comment What should happen (Score 2) 957

Is that the UN passes legislation that supports freedom of speech even when it offends some religious group. How else will autocratic governments and religions have the necessary critical review that would allow them to stand or fall on their own merits, which is the necessity and power of free speech to maintain free societies.

Comment Re:Give them away (Score 1) 302

I think your comment about Nintendo's is shallow and missplaced. You have a situation with those who are trying to make ends meet, working multiple jobs, and both spouses working, Nintendo might be the only babysitter they can afford.

Also teachers who are invested in making sure your kids have the best education they can have so they have the chance a the american dream and invest their own money in that effort (for your kids, not them) from their meger salaries are the real Americans that are fundementally supporting the American dream. It would be better long range thinking to fund our kids education over say, supplying high tech airplanes and drones to go off and rain terror on some other country.

  We have our priorities wrong on a Federal level.

Those teachers should be applauded for that activity not told to let the kids and their parent figure it out for themselves. That would get us more into those families that can afford the calculators and those that can't. Isn't it better to have an even playing field for at least the time the kids are in school?

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